Healthier hair, faster hair growth

Healthier hair, faster hair growth

Everyone wants beautiful, thick, healthy hair. Hair that looks healthy. Many people deal with hair that is easily broken, damaged or looks unhealthy. How do you make sure your hair grows better, is healthier and grows longer?

How can you recognize if you have healthy or unhealthy hair?

Healthy hair growth begins with a healthy scalp. When the scalp is in good condition, it creates a foundation for healthy hair growth. A healthy scalp is balanced, is not too dry and not too oily. When your scalp is dry, the scalp starts to feel strained and flakes appear. Hair that is too oily is caused by excessive sebum production or the wrong styling or hair care products. In short, taking good care of your scalp is essential for beautiful, thick and healthy hair.

Hair loss

The amount of hair loss is an important indicator. On average, a person loses up to 100 hairs a day and this is completely normal. Because hair grows in a cycle, hairs fall out continuously and new hairs grow back. When many more hairs fall out over a long period of time, it may indicate an underlying hair problem. Also when the hair is very brittle and breaks down quickly, it is important to find out the cause as soon as possible so you can do something about it.

Texture and thickness of the hair

The texture and thickness of the hair are also good indicators of whether your hair is in good condition. You can find out for yourself by taking a good look at the hairs left behind after combing or brushing. If you regularly come across hair with an abnormal structure, for example extremely fine and/or with an irregular texture or split ends, then your hair is not in top condition.

Itching and inflammation of the hair follicles

Have you been suffering from an itchy scalp for some time? It can mean that your scalp is unbalanced, is hypersensitive to certain products or cannot tolerate sunlight well. The hair follicles can also be inflamed, which can be seen by a red rash around the hair root. This is often difficult to see by yourself and is better seen by someone else.

The quality of hair is influenced by many different factors. Personal hygiene, a healthy lifestyle and the use of the right hair care products make an important contribution to this.

As you've read above, a healthy scalp is an important foundation. When your scalp feels healthy and you don't suffer from dandruff or itchy skin, that's a good start. You can keep your scalp healthy by using high quality shampoos. By this we mean shampoos that do not contain bad or unnecessary ingredients such as sulfates, parabens and perfumes. In addition, some shampoos contain ingredients that promote the condition of the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

For example, some shampoos contain Ketoconazole or Piroctone Olamine, which keeps the scalp free of flakes and itching and has a mild hair growth stimulating effect. To grow hair better from the hair follicle, it is important to give it the right nutrients. Although you get enough vitamins and minerals in a healthy and varied diet, it certainly does not hurt to use nutritional supplements specially designed for hair growth.

What we recommend:

Treatment for fragile hair

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Neofollics hair growth stimulating shampoo is a powerful shampoo to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. The shampoo is also effective against dandruff and can provide thicker and fuller hair. The supergloss hair serum from Abyssian Haircare's Super Repair range is the perfect treatment for dry and damaged hair. The hair treatment uses the power of natural ingredients to repair hair.

What can you do to make your hair grow faster?

Hair growth is a slow process. On average, your hair grows between 1 and 1.25cm per month. This equates to 0.3mm per day. The most important thing for healthy hair growth is sufficient nutrients for the hair and preservation of the hair follicles. This allows the growth of hair to continue unhindered.

In order for hair to grow longer, it is important that it is able to grow properly and the growth phase of the hair continues for as long as possible. This can be done with the right supplements.

Treatment option 1

Neofollics tablets

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Neofollics hair growth supporting tablets contain an effective combination of only the best, natural ingredients that stimulate healthy hair growth from within.

Treatment option 2

HGS MSM powder (500 grams)

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MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane) is a form of sulfur and is an essential component of our skin, connective tissue, hair, joints and nails. MSM has many positive qualities and can, among other things, promote hair growth, mobility and the maintenance of supple muscles, joints and skin.