Promoting beard growth with Minoxidil? Why it's not a good idea

Promoting beard growth with Minoxidil? Why it's not a good idea

When talking about hair loss, it doesn't take long before the big buzzword comes up: minoxidil. Since the 1970s, this supposed miracle drug has been used as a medication for various types of hair loss - in many cases successfully. No wonder, then, that an incredible number of people are searching the internet to see if they can also use minoxidil as a hair growth remedy for beard hair. We got to the bottom of this and explain why, in our opinion, it is not a good idea to use minoxidil to grow beard or other body hair.

Why do people use minoxidil for their beards?

A full beard is the dream of many men who have beards with bald patches or only localised beard growth. Not only is a full beard touted as the ideal of the beauty industry, it has long been seen as a supposed sign of high testosterone levels and a symbol of masculinity. Many men who are unhappy with their beard growth therefore start looking for a remedy that can help them with the problem. Sooner or later, they usually end up with the tried-and-tested remedy minoxidil.

Minoxidil has made a global name for itself over the past few decades when it comes to hair loss. Although it was initially used as a medicine for high blood pressure, researchers have since realised that the drug has much more potential. So the active ingredient is now highly sought after in the market and is mainly sold in the form of the drug Regaine or Rogaine or in other hair growth products. Due to the huge success of the drug, many people automatically assume that minoxidil can stimulate beard growth. This explains the statistics showing that many men search the internet and read testimonials from people who have used Regaine or Minoxidil for their beards. But can the product really be used so easily for more beard growth?

No recommendation for minoxidil for beard growth

Although minoxidil is generally considered a safe product, we definitely cannot recommend using minoxidil to stimulate beard growth. There are some reports on the internet in which people have positive experiences with minoxidil for the beard. Based on some before-and-after comparisons of minoxidil used for beard growth, these conclusions can also be drawn. However, we can advise men against using minoxidil for the beard for several reasons.

Minoxidil is currently only approved as a drug for the scalp. This means it has not yet been tested in other areas. Also, it was developed primarily for the scalp. This means that when minoxidil is used on the beard, side effects may occur that have not yet been reported or are unknown. For instance, there is a risk of unwanted hair all over the body once small particles enter the bloodstream. Also, when used on the scalp, possible side effects such as itching, dandruff or skin irritations may occur, which are not yet known how they would manifest on the face.

How to grow your beard without minoxidil,

Although minoxidil is not suitable for the beard, there is hope for those who want a thicker beard. With Neofollics beard serum + beard roller, you can use effective ingredients to stimulate beard growth.

The beard roller is specially designed to stimulate blood circulation in the beard area to boost hair follicles. While the beard roller can be effective on its own, the combination with the beard serum is particularly successful. This combines numerous clinically tested ingredients that have a positive effect on beard growth. Applying the beard roller beforehand allows the ingredients to be absorbed particularly well by the skin, so the effect is additionally enhanced. With regular use over a longer period, the result in many cases is denser hair growth on the beard.


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Although at first glance, it may seem logical to use minoxidil to stimulate beard growth, we cannot recommend the product for this application area. Due to lack of research and possible side effects, the drug should only be used on the scalp. But you don't have to give up the dream of a fuller beard. The Neofollics beard roller has proven to be very effective in combination with the Neofollics Beard Serum when it comes to promoting beard growth, even on possible bald spots. We recommend this combo pack instead of Minoxidil for your beard.