What can I do about dry and damaged hair?

What can I do about dry and damaged hair?

Are you suffering from dry and damaged hair? That can be very annoying! A lot of people suffer from this. But what now? By using the right products, you can have healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.

What is dry and damaged hair?

The hair surface consists of hair cuticles, these allow moisture to be stored properly in the hair. In healthy hair these cuticles overlap so that the outer layer of the hair is nicely closed. When the cuticles are damaged, they open and the moisture balance can be disturbed. This can cause the hair to dry out. Also, the open and damaged cuticles cause hair to appear dull and frizzy and less shiny.

What causes dry and damaged hair?

You can damage hair in several ways. Usually this happens because the wrong products are used, or the hair is not taken care of properly. Hormone fluctuations can also contribute to dry and damaged hair, these cause a lack of sebum in the scalp. Damaged hair is caused by things as:

Using the wrong products

Many products contain strong degreasing substances such as SLS or alcohol, these substances cause the sebum production of the scalp to change. In our scalp there are sebaceous glands (grease glands). The production of sebum and grease is necessary to keep the skin healthy and protect it from infections and bacteria. So always choose products that do not contain harmful substances so that the sebum production of the scalp remains normal and the hair and scalp remain nourished.

Altered sebum production

Sometimes the sebum production is not as it should be, for example too much or too little sebum is produced by the body. Hormone fluctuations, for example, can cause reduced sebum production, which dries out the hair. You can then temporarily use extra care products as support.

Washing hair too often or not properly

Washing too often or too little can cause too much sebum and greasy hair. Also, using conditioner excessively or incorrectly can cause hair to become greasy and brittle quickly. If you wash the hair and scalp too often you change the sebum production which can cause the hair to dry out severely.

Heat and/or styling

Also the frequent use of hair dryers, curling irons and straighteners can cause dry and brittle hair. The hair consists for a very large part of moisture. The heat from these tools burns the moisture out of the hair and can cause it to dry out. This damages the cuticle and disturbs the moisture balance of the hair. By using a product that protects against heat you protect your hair from drying out. A heat protective product like the Abyssian Silk Milk puts a layer around the hair, so the moisture can't be burned out of the hair.

Chemical treatments

By regularly dyeing, bleaching or perming your hair, you change the composition of the hair. These treatments can damage the hair cuticles, causing the hair to become dry and damaged. It is therefore important to take good care of your hair even with these types of treatments.

How do you prevent dry and damaged hair?

To prevent dry and damaged hair, it is important to use the right products and to use them in the right way. It is best to use the following products:


Use a mild, nourishing shampoo like the Abyssian hydration shampoo or the Nia repairing shampoo. This shampoo repairs and moisturizes the hair and repairs split ends. Always pre-wash the hair once with a small amount of shampoo to remove the initial dirt from the hair and scalp. After this, wash the hair again with a generous amount of shampoo. A shampoo opens the hair cuticles so that the active ingredients can penetrate the hair properly. A nourishing shampoo also cares for the scalp and removes grease and dirt from the hair.

Treatment option 1: Nourishing treatment for less hair breakage

Abyssian deep hydration shampoo (500 ml)

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The deep hydration shampoo from the Super Repair range of Abyssian Haircare gently cleanses your scalp, without removing all the natural moisture in the hair shaft. Styling tools and chemical treatments can seriously damage the quality of your hair. Keeping hair moisturized can help repair breakage and reduce split ends.

Treatment option 2: Nourishing treatment for dry hair and split ends

Nia shampoo

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Nia Restructuring and Repairing Shampoo gently yet effectively cleanses hair, removing product buildup, excess oil, and impurities while helping to reinforce the hair surface for a renewed look and feel. It is clinically proven to reduce hair breakage and split ends by more than 99 percent compared to untreated hair when used as a regimen with the Nia Conditioner, and Nia Fix two-step system.

Its unique formulation helps repair split ends and provide soft, manageable, healthier-looking hair without stripping color. For all hair types.


After washing with a conditioning shampoo and opening up the hair cuticles, it is good to use a quality conditioner. To avoid weighing down the hair, it is best to use a conditioner only in the ends and lengths of the hair, and not at the roots or on the scalp. It is also very important to wash out the conditioner thoroughly.

Treatment option 1: Nourishing conditioner with Abyssinian oil and Aloe Vera

The Abyssian daily shield superfood conditioner from the Anti-Pollution Club range by Abyssian Haircare is a conditioner that nourishes your hair and scalp. The daily shield conditioner uses clean ingredients that benefit both your scalp and your hair!

Treatment option 2: Nourishing conditioner for colored hair

Nia conditioner

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Nia restructuring conditioner detangles, repairs, moisturizes and boosts tresses for a vibrant, fresh look with more manageability and shine. Formulated with a powerful restructuring complex, Nia conditioner repairs split ends and infuses hair with long-lasting moisturizers while reducing damage—resulting in softer, silkier feeling hair with amazing body. Nia conditioner helps to preserve your natural color while restructuring your hair naturally.

Hair mask

For an extra boost for your hair, you can use an intensively nourishing hairmask every two to three weeks. By combining a shampoo and a conditioner with a hair mask, you provide extra hydration and repair to dry and damaged hair. Thus, the hair receives all the necessary ingredients to become healthy and shiny again.

Intensive treatment with a hairmask

By combining a shampoo and a conditioner with a hair mask, you provide extra hydration and repair to dry and damaged hair. Thus, the hair receives all the necessary ingredients to become healthy and shiny again.By combining a shampoo and a conditioner with a hair mask, you provide extra hydration and repair to dry and damaged hair. Thus, the hair receives all the necessary ingredients to become healthy and shiny again.

Abyssian protein shake hair mask (250 ml)

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The protein shake hair mask from the Anti-Pollution Club range from Abyssian Haircare is a hair mask that moisturizes, repairs and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair. The hair mask acts as an intensive treatment that helps to repair the hair and restore the hair's natural glow.