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The New York-based manufacturer Veta focuses entirely on developing luxury and advanced hair care products. Important starting points are that the ingredients are supported by science and that the products are pleasant to use. The result is a line of premium hair care products with a combination of clinically tested active ingredients, including follicusan, trichogen and propanedial, suitable for daily use.

The hair care products from Veta are ideal when healthier hair and better hair growth are desired and you set high demands on ease of use. The products are soft and feel luxurious in use, have a lovely fragrance and can be used daily.

Veta products are paraben-, sulphate-, phthalate-, silicone- and propylene glycol-free.

The Veta shampoo is a mild, nourishing shampoo for men and women with starting hair loss. The shampoo contains several scientifically proven ingredients that stimulate hair growth in multiple ways. The Veta conditioner hydrates the hair and provides thicker, longer and voluminous looking hair through the hair growth stimulating ingredients. The shampoo and conditioner are also available together in an inexpensive combination package and in a travel package.

The lotion from Veta is available in a Veta lotion for women and a Veta lotion for men. The lotion focuses on the first signs of hair loss and has been specially developed for men and women who want to tackle thinning hair. The powerful active and nourishing ingredients make the scalp healthier and strengthen the hair.

The Veta eyelash and eyebrow serum nourishes and restores the eyelashes and the eyebrows. The serum makes the eyelash and eyebrows stronger and the nourishing ingredients create longer and fuller lashes. The fact that the product can be used for both eyebrows and eyelashes makes this serum unique.