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Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Auburn (28 gr) -
Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Auburn (28 gr) buy cheap best price with online order
Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Auburn (28 gr) buy cheap best price with online order

Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Auburn (28 gr)

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€ 29.95
€ 29.95
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Keratin hair building fibers are the perfect cosmetic solution to transform the appearance of thinning hair within a short time. The hair fibers adhere to the existing hairs and make the hair look thicker and fuller.

The minuscule fibers are made of natural proteins. The effect looks natural and is invisible for other people. Therefore, hair fibers provide for a boost in confidence in a lot of people. The hair fibers remain in place throughout the day, do not leave any residue and are, especially after fixation, resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.

The hair fibers of Beaver Professional are of the highest quality. The Hair Growth Specialist is a direct importer of Beaver Professional in Western Europe, allowing us to offer these hair fibers against a much cheaper price than other brands such as Toppik and Nanogen.

Order the color that most closely resembles your own hair color. When you have a hair color that falls between two available hair colors, mix two colors.

The hair fibers are available in a pack of 28 grams and 12 grams. With normal use, 28 grams is enough for about 2 months.

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Description Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Auburn (28 gr)

Keratine Hair Fiber ColorsBlackDark brown Medium brown Light brown Medium blonde Blonde Auburn Gray White

Voor en na het gebruik van keratine haarvezelsFor who and for what are hair fibers most suitable?
Hair fibers are a cosmetic solution to camouflage hair loss or thinning hair. The hair fibers ensure for thicker and fuller looking hair. They can be used in case of low hair density, thin hair, balding spots such as temples and crown. The hair fibers are suitable for men and women and can be used for both long and short hair.

It is important that the hair fibers can adhere to existing hairs. In case of crew cut hair or a bald spot without any hair, the hair fibers will not have enough grip. When on a bald spot no hairs are growing at all anymore, the hair fibers will simply lay on top of the scalp. This makes the spot less visible, however it provides less of a 'full' look and may appear unnatural.

Hair fibers can also be used for the treatment of outgrowth for dyed hair, although the fibers were not specifically designed for this purpose.

The hair fibers can be perfectly used in addition to our other products. In the short term the hair fibers camouflage the thinner hairs, while in combination with a hair growth stimulating lotion, shampoo etc. hair loss can be reduced and hair growth is stimulated.

What exactly are hair fibers?
The hair fibers are made of keratin, the same natural protein as hairs consist of. The hair fibers therefore look like real hair and are invisible to other people. The fibers look kind of like a powder, but under the microscope you can see that they are small fibers.

By means of static electricity, the fibers adhere to the available hairs as if they are tiny magnets. This means even the thinnest (vellus) hair will turn into a fuller, thicker hair. Thus, the hair will start looking fuller in general, thinner spots will be less visible.

How do you use hair fibers?
The hair fibers are easy to apply by keeping the bottle upside down and shaking lightly around the areas that require treatment. In a matter of seconds, thousands of minuscule hair fibers mix with your own hair. When the hair fibers are sprinkled across the hair lightly, the fibers will adhere to the hairs that are present. After applying, the fibers must be spread out by lightly tapping on the hair with the finger tips.

The hair fibers are available in 9 hair colors. Order the color that most closely resembles your own hair color. When you have a hair color that falls between two available hair colors, mixing two colors will give you the most natural result.

When applied properly, the fibers will stay in place for an entire day. Especially when the fiber hold spray is being used. This ensures for improved adhesion of the fibers to the hair and an extra strong fixation, so that you can be 100% confident, even in rain and wind. The hair fibers are washable with a shampoo.

Read the user instructions below for the exact application step by step.

Hair fibers ensure for a thicker and fuller look of the hair and camouflage areas on the head where fewer and/or thinner hairs are growing. Because the hair fibers are made of keratin, they easily mix with your own hair for a natural look.

Applying will be easier and quicker after some practice. Therefore, read the tips and information on this page carefully for a satisfying end result.

Results of Beaver hair fibers man

Results of Beaver hair fibers woman


Keratin, Cetrimonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, Iron Oxides


Good preparation is of great importance. Then applying the hair fibers is done in a couple of simple steps. This is briefly explained below. Do you still have questions after reading these steps? Continue reading under the 4 steps, here you will find very extensive user instructions and advice.


  • Choose the right color hair fibers. If necessary, combine two colors for the best result.
  • Ensure that the hair is dry when the hair fibers are applied.
  • When you use gel, apply it before using hair fibers and let the gel dry properly first.
  • Style your hair.


Step 1
Unscrew the protection cap, shake the bottle of hair fibers gently up and down and sprinkle the hair fibers on the desired areas on the head until the skin is no longer visible. If desired, all of the hair can be treated.

It is better to use too few hair fibers than too many. Therefore it is best to apply the hair fibers in several stages, rather than a lot of it in one go.

When you use a mix of two colors, start with the darkest color.

To be able to apply the hair fibers even easier, more targeted and efficiently, the handy hair fiber applicator can be used. When you use the applicator, it is advisable to shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly, so the hair fibers keep their loose structure.

The hairline optimizer helps to quickly and easily create a natural looking hairline.

Step 2
Look at the result. If necessary, apply another layer of hair fibers until the desired result has been achieved.

Lightly tap on the hair to spread out the fibers. You can also brush the hair gently and superficially using your fingers or a coarse brush.

Step 3
Apply the fiber hold spray to the treated areas and/or all of the hair. Keep a distance of about 30 cm when doing this.

The hair fibers can stay in place throughout the entire day. Of course for that, the advice must be followed carefully. The hair fibers can be rinsed out by washing the hair with shampoo.

Step 4
Enjoy a full head of hair!

Want to read more about the use of the hair fibers? Read more below.

Practical application / applying on the hair

Just like styling a haircut, applying hair fibers requires some practice and will always become easier to do. While you'll probably need up to fifteen minutes the first time to apply hair fibers to your satisfaction, you will soon be able to do this within a few minutes.

Lightly sprinkle the hair fibers so that they easily spread across the existing hair. If necessary, use the hair fiber applicator to apply the fibers more evenly and more targeted.

Style the hair as desired. Very important is that the hair fibers are applied to fully dry hair. When you use gel, do this prior to the use of the hair fibers and make sure that it has properly dried up before applying the fibers.

The hair fibers are available in 9 colors. Use the color that most resembles your own hair color or mix two colors. When you use a mix of two colors, start with the darkest color.

Unscrew the cap of the bottle of hair fibers. You now see a lid with tiny holes. Hold the bottle, with the opening fully directed downwards, above the area that you wish to cover and shake the bottle up and down. Sprinkle the hair fibers onto the desired areas until the skin is no longer visible. Use your free hand to guide the application and use a mirror to be able to see better which areas still need thickening. It's not a problem when fibers end up in the surrounding hairs, they will not be visible. If necessary, use the hair fibers with the head down to prevent fibers from going into your eyes.

Do you use the hair fiber applicator to apply the hair fibers? Then it's advisable to shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly, so the hair fibers keep their loose structure.

When applying hair fibers at the front, spread your thumb and index finger and place your hand on your forehead, just below the hairline. This way, you will prevent the hair fibers from getting onto your forehead. You can also use the hairline optimizer, a useful tool for applying hair fibers at the front.

Applying less often gives better results. To make sure you do not apply too many fibers, making it too thick and therefore appear too unnatural, applying it in layers (in several 'stages') is better than in 1 go. The use of the hair fiber applicator may come in handy.

Finally, take a look into the mirror. Continue to fill up the hair if necessary. With a little bit more experience you will quickly learn to apply it without needing to look into the mirror (too often).

Brush the treated area lightly and superficially with your hands or a coarse brush.   

If the hair is not yet full enough, it can be further filled up with extra fibers and made lighter with the hands or a comb.

If desired, apply the fiber hold spray of Beaver Professional to the treated areas. When doing this, keep a distance of about 30 cm so that the spray can be lightly and evenly dispersed across the hair and hair fibers.

Also check out our 10 tips for using hair fibers for best results.

Do you have any questions about fitting the hair fibers into your daily routine? For example whether you can sleep or exercise with hair fibers? Read more below.

Daily use of hair fibers

Suitable for the entire day
Hair fibers, just like styling products, stay in your hair throughout the entire day after applying. They can be rinsed out with water and shampoo. Carefully check our tips on this page for optimal results.

The hair fibers adhere well to your hair on their own. Use the fixative spray to improve the adhesion of the fibers to your hairs. This also makes the fibers more resistant to wind and rain.

Washing the hair
The hair can be washed prior to applying the fibers. Ensure that the hair is completely dry when you apply the fibers, then the hair fibers can spread well across the hairs. When you have hair fibers in your hair and you wash your hair, you will rinse out the hair fibers. Even when you used the fixative spray; the spray is good at handling rain, but it can not handle a lot of water.

Combing the hair
It is recommended to first style the hair with a comb before applying the hair fibers. When you have applied the hair fibers, you could superficially and coarsely brush your hair or comb the hair with your hands. When you have used the fixative spray, the hair can be brushed after the spray has dried for a softer looking result. The spray keeps the fibers in place.

Use together with gel/styling products
The combination between gel and hair fibers is possible, but keep in mind the possibility of a less good looking result. The hair fibers adhere to the hairs when applying. When the gel causes the hairs to stick together, there are fewer hairs for the hair fibers to adhere to.

When you use gel, apply it before applying hair fibers and let the gel dry properly first before starting with the application of the fibers. When you apply this in reverse, the wet gel will pull the hair fibers away from the hairs and the hair fibers will start sticking together.

Alternatives such as wax, in small amounts, could possibly be used after applying the fibers, because it will not make the hair wet or start sticking together. This does require some skill and practice. Hair spray can be used fine, provided not too much is used, causing the hair to become moist.

For best results, we recommend to only use the fiber hold spray. The spray adheres the hair fibers to the hair, without wiping them away. Moreover, the spray will fixate the hair, making the hair keep its styling. The hair fiber fixative spray also contains ingredients to nourish the hair and hair fibers.

Use in combination with a hair growth stimulating lotion
When you use a hair growth stimulating lotion such as Spectral.DNC-N, first apply the lotion and then let it completely soak in. The use of hair fibers will have a much better result on a dry scalp and hair. Moreover, the lotion may not be absorbed properly when fibers are used.

A lotion must be used twice per day. When you use hair fibers in addition to the lotion, we recommend the following routine. Apply the lotion in the morning and let it soak in properly. Then apply the hair fibers. Rinse your hair before going to bed and/or wash the hair. This will wash the fibers from the hair so that they can not fall out during the night. Then apply the lotion and go to bed.

Swimming and exercising with hair fibers
The hair fibers may be washed out or start to clump together when the hair becomes too moist. You could basically exercise with the fibers, but they are less resistant against heavy perspiration. With the fixative spray, it also remains in place when it becomes wet, but just like any other styling product, this spray will wash out during swimming, in case of heavy rainfall or perspiration.

Walking / cycling through rain and wind
In case of light to moderate rain (and wind), the hair fibers will remain in place when the fixative spray has been used. When the spray is not used, the fibers will not simply be washed or blown out from the hair in case of rain or wind, but the chance of this happening is increased. In case of heavy rainfall, the same goes for washing the hair: the fibers are not resistant to this.

Rinsing out the hair fibers
You will wash out all of the hair fibers by washing the hair with shampoo.

Sleeping with hair fibers
It is basically possible to sleep with the hair fibers. However, chances are that the hair fibers will become loose during sleeping and they may end up on your pillow case. We recommend to wash the hair before sleeping.

Storing the bottle of hair fibers
The hair fibers are often used in the bathroom. We recommend doing this when the bathroom is no longer damp from showering. When applying, the hair fibers are sensitive to moist, making it possible for them to start clumping together.

Additionally, we recommend to close the bottle of hair fibers properly and to store the bottle in a dry place, preferably outside the bathroom or behind a door in a cabinet. The bottle is easy to close, but in the long term some moist may get into the bottle.

Product tags


Brand:Beaver Professional
Suitable for: Men and women
Color: Auburn
Contents (gr.): 28

Combine for the best results

For optimal adhesion of the hair fibers
Protect the fibers against wind, sweat and rain with the Beaver fixing spray.
€ 39.90
€ 35.92
Easy to apply with the applicator
The Beaver applicator helps you apply the hair fibers even better.
€ 44.90
€ 40.42

Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Auburn (28 gr) reviews

Are you using this product yourself? Share your experience.
Very good product
From Wil on 5 July 2020
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

I have been using Beaver hair fibers for a few years. I have had thinning hair, especially on top, since I was 40. I noticed that people often looked at my thin spots on the head. A colleague gave me a tip to try hair fibers. I tried several products and ended up with Beaver hair fibers. Good and less expensive than others, I am very satisfied with this and it persists despite perspiration.

From Meggy on 18 June 2020
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

I have been using the hair fibers for a long time now and I am very satisfied with it. When I started I had something like I just try it and we'll see.... But it does exactly what I want it to do, my hair crown has become a lot thinner and by using these hair fibers I feel a bit more confident. It is invisible to someone who does not know that you are using it, so I use it daily.

Good solution
From Maartje on 8 June 2020
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

My friend has been using the hair fibers for a long time. His hair becomes thinner and therefore uses the hair fibers. He is very satisfied with it. Occasionally I should have known this earlier (he has been using it for +/- 2 years now)!

Creatine fiber
From Delano surachot on 15 May 2020
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

Top!! Product Recommended for anyone with thin hair.

Super stuff!
From Sarah on 20 April 2020
Frequency of use: Daily | 3 to 6 months

I am very happy that I discovered this product. My hair has become thinner so my scalp is visible at the front of my head. Use these hair fibers every day and my scalp is no longer visible and my hair looks very full. Does not stain on pillows or clothes and stays put all day. Recommended!

From Kees on 14 April 2020
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

Great product, recommended

Really perfect!
From Alexander on 17 February 2020
Frequency of use: 1-3 times a week | More than a year

My confidence has increased a lot since I use this product in combination with the waterproof hair spray. Powder has a full coverage and even when it rains you don't have to worry about powder running over your face.

Perfect and quick solution for my bald spots
From Jordy on 13 January 2020
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | 6 months to a year

I am super satisfied with the beaver hair fibers. I use it almost daily and covers my balding head perfectly. In all weather conditions

From Angelyc on 30 December 2019
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | Less than a month

Use the fibers for two weeks now, what a fantastic product. Bald spots due to alopecia androgenetics are incredibly hidden and it seems very natural, even on the hairline. Do use the applicator and optimizer, this means economical use and no mess in the bathroom. Get compliments that my hair is growing again :-)

Works well in coverage and easy to use.
From Fredjuh on 23 October 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | 6 months to a year

I am of Asian descent. My parents are both from Indonesia. We do not have any git black hair but a lighter black color which means that the use of dark brown hair fibers will lead to a better result. Highly recommended to use the Keratin fiber hold.

Fantastic product
From GVDZ on 23 October 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

I use this product daily and it is really an improvement for my hair. It covers and therefore it seems much fuller.

Hair dye
From Jennifer on 16 September 2019
Frequency of use: Less than once a week | 3 to 6 months

The hair dye is really nice, it is a bit too bright for me considering my age, but I add a little bit of medium brown through it and then it has a very nice color and it stays beautiful for a long time! Absolutely great!

I am glad there is such a thing, it has already provided very good services to me.
From Louise on 15 August 2019
Frequency of use: 1-3 times a week | More than a year

The advantages are that you can camouflage a form of baldness well, but the disadvantage is that you have to clean the bathroom much more because of the use of powder, and you are also busy with your make-up for a longer time, but I would find it a disaster if I can not purchase it anymore, it is also one of the better products of this kind.

Excellent article hair is much fuller after use
From A h on 5 August 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

Use it every day I have very thin hair on the crown so after using it look fuller

Top service
From Tekin. O on 24 July 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | 6 months to a year

Good and top service

Indispensable product
From Moos on 6 June 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

A fantastic product that I can no longer miss. It covers well and I cover up the spots where my hair is very thin. It stays on all day and nobody sees it.

Very good solution for disguising thinning hair
From Smbddy on 2 June 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

I have been using this product every day for years. Sprinkle it on dry hair in the desired places and then use a hair spray to secure the fibers properly. In this way, wind and a little rain are no problem. Highly recommended!

Fine product
From Paul Schepers on 30 May 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | 3 to 6 months

Nice to use this product. My bald spot is no longer visible and looks like my real hair. Super

From Marike on 20 May 2019
Frequency of use: 1-3 times a week | 6 months to a year


From Sarina van der Eoude on 1 May 2019
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | 1 to 2 months

I give this product a 10 because your hair feels much thicker in a few seconds and the color of my gray hair is much nicer deeper! Thank you, hair fiber specialist. Sarina van der Woude.

From Jac on 19 April 2019
Frequency of use: 1-3 times a week | 6 months to a year

Before I used it I was pretty unsure if people were standing behind me. Afraid that they could look at my skull but now that I use this I feel like I can be happy again and enjoy life because my hair is great again. So happy with that.

Great produce!
From Robin on 17 March 2019
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | 6 months to a year

Product works perfectly to get rid of calmer spots without being noticed. So I definitely recommend this product for everyone.

Very satisfied
From Frederik on 5 March 2019
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | More than a year

I use the product every time I have my hair. In the days thereafter until the next shampoobeurt sometimes some updating if necessary. The fibers adhere strongly when using the right hair spray. The only drawback is that the bathroom needs to be cleaned more often.

Service life
From Ion on 21 January 2019
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | 3 to 6 months

Satisfied with the product, will last a long time (1.5-2 months). It can camouflage well in larger bald areas. I use it daily.

Hair fibers gray
From Jeannette on 19 January 2019
Frequency of use: 1-3 times a week | 6 months to a year

i am satisfied. Does not make the hair thicker or fuller but it does hide translucent scalp. i will keep using it.

This product is ideal for filling the voids on your scalp. Your hair looks fuller!
From Zelis on 14 January 2019
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | More than a year

Since I use this product my hair looks fuller!

Perfect to eliminate the less hairy spot.
From Ricky on 8 January 2019
Frequency of use: 4-6 times a week | More than a year

Easy to use. Note only works for men who are not completely bald but still have some hair as the fibers must be able to attach to the hair. Use the spray at all times, otherwise it will not work. Does not work for completely bald men.

I have my self-confidence again!
From Judith on 6 January 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

Due to various factors, I had a stress period in my life which had a direct effect on the quality and quantity of my hair. I have dark brown hair and my scalp is visible due to a breakdown. I felt terribly insecure about it and I considered a hair transplant. During a first orientation meeting at a hair clinic, I was shown how hair fibers work. I ordered them right away and i am very satisfied. I feel confident again! I use the fibers every day. I also received a sample from a shampoo that I am very satisfied with. I'm going to use this now.

From Tien on 5 January 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

I, too, have been left with thinning hair after chemotherapy and medicines. After two years it still has not grown back. I am really happy with these hair fibers! Otherwise I would have to have a hair piece and that is not necessary now. That also gives freedom and you do not see anything at all!

Full hair in a few seconds
From Tommy on 4 January 2019
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

I have been using this product for years daily to all satisfaction. It is not visible to others that you use the product. The only drawback is (whether you use a spray or not) that the fibers can stain. Anyway, in the long run you know how to deal with that. In any case, a good affordable alternative for hair implantation.

From Tevreden gebruiker on 29 November 2018
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

Good product, easy to apply and gives fast results. Can be used daily because it covers well and is light and does not make the hair heavy.

From Candy on 20 November 2018
Frequency of use: Daily | 6 months to a year

Very satisfied with this product. Easy to use with the aplicator. After use it looks like I have more hair. Easy to wash out. I will definitely keep using it.

From Magic on 9 November 2018
Frequency of use: Daily | 1 to 2 months

If only I had known this before. Very good product easy to apply. Gives a full head of hair again and that feels good. Recommended for everyone who has some "gaps" to fill up.

From Choco on 4 October 2018

I was diagnosed with alopecia androgenetica by the dermatologist, therefore i was looking for a solution without hormone medication. The keratin hair fibers are the solution for me and i would recommend them to anyone, it really works for me!!!!

From Saskia on 22 September 2018

The fibers are ideal if you have thinner hair and less hair. I myself unfortunately have much less hair after chemotherapy and medication. The fibers ensure that the hair looks fuller. Easy to use.

From Murtaza on 13 September 2018

I am a 46-year-old and I have been using hair fibers for years.. After I have used another brand of hair fibers (toppik) for almost 7 years, I came across this brand about 1.5 / 2 years ago. The price for the Beaver fibers is almost half of the price of Toppik but the quality of Beaver fibers is a bit better for me because the hair fibers of Beaver are thicker and therefore they stick better to your hair. I always use my own hair spray from (Junior) and it works fine too. If the price of Beaver remains unchanged, I will never start thinking about another brand. Top product.

From Leon on 16 May 2018

I am a 29 year old male, had a hair transplant last year and I'm super satisfied with it. I only have to do it in 2 treatments. My front is completely full now, only on my crown I have a transparent part where I will go under treatment next year. In the meantime, I use Keratin hair fibers and have to say that people seriously think that it is my own natural hair. I am very satisfied with it and use it every day and order a new one every two months. It works, looks natural and has never been bothered by rain and wind. For that you have to use the spray and I have noticed that a normal hairspray also works, but it only stays less firm than when you use the spray recommended on this website. Two downsides: I find the spray on the expensive side and if you do not wash it out and you lie down (in my case lying on my back) it gives off on the pillow, but you can just wash it out.

From Erol on 15 May 2018

Beautiful product, it gives me full hair and no bald spots can be seen. Since I use I got so much more self-confidence.

From Mevr.H on 17 April 2018

Hi, I am a 37 year old woman who has androgenetic alopecia. And keratin hair fibers is a great invention for me to hide the bald spots. I have dark brown hair and so I use dark brown hair fibers. Within minutes you will see the bald spots no more. So really a super invention this.

From elleke on 29 March 2018

I am a woman of 54 and I have the disease Alopecia Androgenetica which means that my hair is shining through and you see my scalp. Very frustrating. But with these keratin hair fibers you can camouflage these spots perfectly. I can't do without. You don't see anything of it and it stays in very well. Great stuff!!!

From Nan on 19 March 2018

Very nice product. With this, thinning spots are no longer visible, but it looks like a full bunch of hair.

From H on 12 February 2018

Great product, helps to completely mask baldness!! Costs little time and the result is great!!

From gorgio on 10 January 2018

Fine! Highly recommended!

From Jenkins on 29 November 2017

Works great!

From Zibbi on 1 November 2017

Good product

From Haar123 on 1 November 2017

Already from a young age, I suffered from hair loss. In the beginning, only I noticed it, but after a year it was immediately visible to others. My crown and my hairline lost more hair and I really did not know what to do. A year ago, I encountered Beaver's hair fibers on the internet. In the beginning, I did not dare to order because I was afraid of the change, afraid that you could see a clear color difference between my own hair and the Beaver hair fibers. In the end I ordered it and I can not do without it anymore. The color fits exactly with your own hair color and adjusts to make it look like real hair. Now I'm walking around much more confidently because I know there's nothing left that keeps people staring at me.

From Monique on 20 October 2017

I am a woman of 61 and use hair fibers because you can see my skin through my thin hair in different places on my head. Because I use the fibers, I now hear regularly that my hair looks full!

From Marja on 14 September 2017

Because my hair was thinning on top, I received this product (although under a different name) recommended by someone who took it from America. What an invention is this! In the meantime, I have used it for years and now under this name: keratin hair fibers. From mid-brown I have gone to light brown, but I would highly recommend it!

From Anoniem on 16 August 2017

The product does what it should do. It hides bald spots and makes the hair look thicker and fuller. Useful for an evening you would like to look a little younger.

From Ellen on 4 August 2017

Works well as light padding. Do not use too much otherwise it will clot. Also ideal for camouflaging your crown.

From Van Der Borght Linda on 30 June 2017

I am 58 years old and had problems with my thyroid causing me to lose a lot of hair. Now I take medication for it, but the evil had already been done, many thin spots where you could see my scalp, it could take up to a year or more for my hair roots to recover, I thought my only option was a wig until I found the site of the Hair Growth Specialist, those hair fibers were my salvation, no more thin spots and back to a full head of hair. It stays well without the spray because I do not like hairspray and spray in my hair. And if it disappears a bit, you just touch it up a bit. Great product!!!!

From S on 27 June 2017

The product meets my requirements. It is easy to apply and stays well in rain and wind. I am very pleased and can definitely recommend the product.

From Rick on 26 June 2017

Can recommend it to anyone. All of the above pros and cons are all true. It covers all bare spots and it look like real hair and full again. Unfortunately, you can not swim with it or walk through heavy rain.

From ateven on 20 June 2017

Keratin Hair Fibers is a very good product. Previously, I used the millon hair, initially much too expensive and less grams than the Keratine. I am very pleased with this product, can recommend this product to anyone. It works very well and covers the bald spots very well, no one can see the difference with your real hair and the keratin product. Recommend to anyone who wants to cover his bald spots.

From Petra Ivens on 28 May 2017

Four stars because five stars would mean I do not need this product. I also have a hairpiece of about 2,000 euros, but thanks to this product I rarely or never use it. It's really a great product. It's just a pity that it gives off a bit when lying down, but that's a small price compared to the huge benefits. I'm super content that I did get to know this product. Thank you for this.

From E on 21 May 2017

Very satisfied. Keeps the entire day (with the corresponding spray), does not look fake and bare spots are no longer visible.

From Dj on 16 May 2017

The product meets my requirements well. I do not go out without my keratin hair fibers. I am very satisfied. Can recommend it to anyone.

From A-G on 11 May 2017

Great product! Helps to cover bald spots. Certainly recommended for alopecia patients who have visible bald spots or for people with very thin hair. I have used the product for a while now and are also very satisfied with the employees. If a small problem arises, it is resolved immediately. The product stays well during the day even when there is a lot of wind or if you're riding a bike. For a small price it increases my quality of life!

From Ria on 17 April 2017

I have very thin and little hair and am very happy that I found this product. I am a woman of 65 years and use these hair fibers from Beaver for years and can't do without, what is the downside of this is that the powder evaporates with everyday use and my bathroom has to be cleaned every day but I'm happy to accept this. Ria, Antwerp april 14, 2017

From Daniel on 13 April 2017

I have some bald spots on my head and these hair fibers are the perfect way to hide it. Geat product!

From anna on 16 February 2017

I am a woman of 58 years old, I use the hair fibers for a few years because I have thin hair. With Beaver hair fibers I feel much more confident and nobody sees it. I use it every day and it will last all day

From COBI on 14 February 2017

I'm 55 and because of nerve eczema I have bold spots on my head. Unfortunately it didn't grow back. But with these hair fibers I feel a woman again. I have more confidence. It is easy to apply and it covers well. Am very happy with it.

From Anna24 on 13 February 2017

I'm a girl of 24 years that was diagnosed with Alopecia Andogrenetica years ago. Have lost 50% of my hair in a few years time. Since 2012 I used, after I came into contact with hair fibers, one from another brand (don't want to mention names or create bad publicity). In comparison with the Keratin hair fibers from Beaver, this one was quite a lot more expensive and unfortunately there was also another small disadvantage. If I was sweating by exercising or just warm weather, then there were green drops of sweat on my forehead. So sweat reacted with the colored fibers of that other brand. Must say I am very happy with these hair fibers. With these, I have totally no problems and the price ratio is top notch. Again, am REALLY glad that I stumbled on the site. Will definitely continue to use this for a long time. DEFINATELY recommended for people with thinning hair / alopecia. Some who know that I use it, see absolutely nothing. It is so incredibly natural. How beautiful is that, creating a full head of hair in just few seconds. PS: do not forget to fix your hair with the spray from Beaver (or just hairspray is also possible). The fixating spray is definitely recommended. This makes your hair softer than normal hairspray. Love Anna

From de Vries on 6 February 2017

Perfect product for people with thin and little hair!! Also a very good and fast delivery. I use keratin hair fibers for 5 years now.

From Verotjska on 28 January 2017

I am a woman and have very thin hair. I use the 28 grams dark brown hair fibers for over a year now. I use it always when I go to work. It's really a godsend, because I can cover the clearly balding spots. In addition to the hair fibers, I use the fixating spray in order to fix the fibers. This spray smells very strong and chemically to glue. It does not seem so healthy to breathe this in every day, so I always keep a cloth over my mouth and nose as a filter so I do not breathe it in. I order the fibers and spray online, the service is excellent, very fast.

From Hilde on 3 January 2017

I used to buy a similar product in a barbershop. I paid double. I use this for years now. I have very thin hair and little hair. This product covers my scalp so I don't look so bald. My hair looks much nicer!

From Lien on 13 December 2016

I use keratin hair fibers medium brown for half a year now and I can not live without! I used other brands before, they were good too but the bottles were smaller and they were much more expensive. It's really a wonder powder that makes me go out of the house confidently! I definitely recommend it to everyone! Great stuff for a great price and nice big bottles which last a long time.   Tip: make sure you have a bottle in stock because you don't see and feel how much is left.

From leo on 7 December 2016

Hereby an update about my experiences..48 years old..color medium brown.... I'm still very satisfied..feel very confident.... it really seems as if I have a full head of hair.. if you use it properly as recommended, it works great.. the complaints of people can therefore only be because of misuse, or indeed too bare spots. it is economical to use.. (especially if you tap lightly against your head..this way nothing can fly around).. Since I use this, I feel more free, more confident, in all weather conditions..used cheap hair spray, but the special spray is better..very good service..nothing but compliments

From Venus of Cyprus on 30 November 2016

This is an excellent and truly miraculous product. I have been using Keratin hair building fiber for the past 4 years and the results are unbelievable. I have a problem with thinning hair, especially at the front part of my head, but now with this product my hair looks full and very healthy. I use this product every day, whether I go out or not so that I feel good about my self. And it truly work. I recommend it to both men and women who have a problem with thinning hair. You will be truly satisfied.

From G. on 6 November 2016

I use it since about 1 year, and am very satisfied!!! It covers well, I enjoy it the whole day. It is recommended for people with thin hair or people who start to become bald.

From MrSaverX on 2 November 2016

Very good stuff and you can use it for an extra long time

From jennifer on 25 August 2016

A response to a message from someone about that the fibers do not stay put. I use the green hairspray volume of Lidl after using the hair fibers and I regularly cycle 40km and yes even through wind and rain. I do wash my hair every other day and I use the fibers every day. Maybe be response can help you.

From jennifer on 25 August 2016

I am now 57 and have large bald spots on top of my head from my 36th, I hated it and it had great influence on my life, especially since I worked in a fashion store. For several years I use the fibers and lately from the hair specialist because it is the cheapest here and the same quality. Fast delivery and always in stock. The use of the hair fibers has given me back my self confidence!!!! and what is also nice is that now my hair has become grayer that color is also available.

From lucie on 24 August 2016

I am a woman of 55. Have bald spots on my head for a long time and I use the keratin fibers for a while now to cover the spots and it works well, I am very glad I found this ....... thank you

From Arif Guvenc on 9 August 2016

Even in places where I do have hair, it will not stay. This is just powder. Hopefully my review remains, because I have used it correctly. These are not fibers. This is pure powder. Wasted money!

We're sorry that you don't have a positive experience with the hair fibers. The fibers indeed look like powder. Under the microscope you can see that it consists of many minuscule fibers. The fibers are so small so they can adhere well to the individual hairs and they will make the hairs appear thicker in a natural way.

From M.Farmertree on 3 August 2016

The product conceals the open hair parting on the back of my head fine.

From Ap on 6 July 2016

That it attaches to hairs is not right, it falls off, like they show on bald spots is not possible, it would attach to the existing hair, but if there is no hair it does not, do not buy it, it's a waste of money but they do not post this, because this is the third time I put something on, so I'm going to do it on facebook, check if they give my money back..

We find it very unfortunate that you are not satisfied with the hair fibers. The reviews show that Beaver Professional hair fiber has many satisfied customers and we also put the bad experiences online. However, we believe it is important that the experience is based on a proper use of the product, otherwise the review does not reflect the product in a good way and secondly it is not objectively valuable for new users. For this reason, we have repeatedly contacted you to discuss and solve your problems by giving advice and tips, but apparently to no avail. As we clearly state on our website, the fibers need existing hair to adhere to. The fibers attach themselves to the existing hairs by static electricity. The fibers are therefore not intended to cover up completely bald spots. In addition, we show that the hair fibers can be used with gel, but better not. When you want to use gel, it must be applied before the hair gel fibers are applied and the gel has to be completely dry. In the information above, we have extensively written about how the fibers should be used for a satisfactory result. When this is not followed, we can not guarantee a positive experience.

From Merve on 3 July 2016

Camouflages the open parts of your hair properly. It does not stay very long on the scalp.

When using hair fibers we also recommend the use of the special fiber hold spray. This spray makes sure that the hair fibers will stay put.

From Piwie on 27 June 2016

Good product, easy to use, covers very well, doesn't go out of the hair easily and also boosts the confidence... good product I can not live without

From christina on 4 June 2016

it's everything I hoped for, I am very happy with it, that's also what I've written on your Facebook page. Thanks again for this great product.

From P on 1 June 2016

I am a 48 years old woman, I think it's a fine product. Unfortunately your bathroom is covered with hair fibers after using it, but I will keep using it.

From Elise on 26 May 2016

great delivery, great product. Would like some more information about the use of the keratin fibers.

On our website you can find detailed information about how the keratin hair fibers should be used.

From Ontevreden on 22 May 2016

The fibers are much too thin, it is going up in the air before it reaches your hair.. it hardly comes out of the holes and what comes out flies in the air.

The fibers have to be delicate and thin in order to be able to adhere well and to give a natural final result. In the application of the fibers, it is important to bring the bottle close to the thinning spot. This way, you limit the fibers to 'fly' in the air

From leo on 5 May 2016

fast delivery, good service, am very pleased with the produkt.. I use the hair fibers, medium brown color, and I feel a lot more confident... can highly recommend it and it's also good value... the next time I will order the container you can use for two months.

From Ronald on 5 May 2016

Still think it's a great product!! Compared to other brands hair fibers this package (Beaver 28g.) lasts at least 2 times as long. Shipping is also very fast. Am still a happy customer. Until next time!

From A on 28 April 2016

Meanwhile, I have the product already in use for several years. Now I have shaved my hair very short, it seems to be less effective, or actually faster to stand out. I use less now. I think the product is especially useful when there is enough hair to adhere to. Straw it on large bare spots to me is a no-go. when it is used subtle, it is a great product! I would also strongly recommend to keep the can out of humid places. When you leave the can without the top in a wet and steamy bathroom, this will create lumps in the can so you get lumps when you use it.

From Marc on 19 April 2016

I am 48 years and am very happy that I can camouflage my baldness (crown advanced baldness, the front moderate baldness) in an easy way with hair fibers. I've tried different brands (usually more expensive than Beaver) and I use Beaver now for about 2 years. For me, this gives the best and most natural outcome when you take the advice listed on the site into account. Especially important is not to use too much because the fibers will clump and you get an unnatural appearance (in my case too dark spots). I experienced that in the beginning because I had the tendency to quickly cover up the bald spots. But practice makes perfect and I found that I actually have to use very little to still have a good and natural result. The biggest problem in the beginning was to have a natural looking front line... Here, it is also important to use very little and not too far out front. Then it falls naturally in a natural way. I sprinkle a little bit, put my hair into shape, then fix, another layer of fibers and fix again. I sometimes also use a little wax without getting clumps or dirty hair. Earlier, it took me half an hour of work to get it right, now it's fixed in five minutes. You have to get experienced, but my patience is rewarded I think. Otherwise I was quite bold now or should buy an expensive hair piece. As long as I can resolve it with Beaver hair powder I will not think about switching to another brand. Overall, Beaver offers me the necessary results and is also not the most expensive.

From John on 12 April 2016

Was already skeptical but still ordered it. What a mess! As if there is soot on your scalp. It is everywhere except in the right place. The idea is to mask spots with less hair but it clumps precisely in those places on the skin and it is immediately noticeable that something is not right

We're sorry that you have a negative experience with the hair fibers. When the fibers are applied not too thick and on dry hair, the fibers should not clump. In addition, the fibers need existing hairs to attach itself to. Since we have not received your personal information (order number), we unfortunately can not contact you about this personally.

From M. Mikman on 11 April 2016

Last week, I ordered beaver hair fibers 12 grams. Super good product and super fast delivery. Very satisfied.

From Ivens Petra on 10 April 2016

After hair loss because of chemo therapy, I've been searching for possible solutions and have a long time I had to make shift with a hairpiece. The discovery of Keratin hair fibers therefore was a relief. I could not miss this product anymore and actually every salon should offer this product in their range. I can recommend this product to anyone who has problems with baldness. It is amazing.

From Nas on 8 April 2016

Fast service and always friendly staff. I use beaver hair fibers for a while now and I'm very happy with it.

From angelobianco on 30 March 2016

Great product, the fibers volumize the hair.

From Natrelevant on 7 February 2016

Good product, gives a nice effect and remains well with a little wind and rain. One improvement: the packaging. It seems a good idea to create a transparent part of the package in any case so that the customer knows how much fiber is still in it, and knows when it is time to order a new one.

From n on 28 January 2016

I am happy with the product. And I order it frequently. And I am also satisfied with the fast delivery.

From alka on 24 January 2016

Very pleased about the hair fibers. And service. Use it for two years. Can not imagine myself without this product. Good site. Always in stock. I get my product within 20 hours. Keep up the good work.

From Sarina on 16 January 2016

Super product! This is my 2nd order and am very happy with it. I can not do without.

From Mike on 9 January 2016

Good product that covers my bald head very well. Unfortunately, however, I could only use it once. At the second day the top of the can let loose, making all the powder fall out. Waste of money and a lot of cleaning work. The packaging is very bad! Pity.

We're sorry to hear that the lid of the can let loose, this should obviously not have happened. We never heard about the occurance of this problem before, so we consider this to be a manufacturing error. We have solved the problem in consultation with the customer.

From A on 17 December 2015

The product has given my confidence a boost. I'm very happy with this product and will certainly continue to order it for a long time.

From Piwie on 29 November 2015

I use Beaver hair fibers for over half a year and am very contented about the outcome of the product. It does what it should do and makes your hair fuller and personally this gives me more confidence. Only I do have two things, and that is that the last half gram will not come out of the can and that is a pity. The 2nd is that Beaver compared to Topik hair fibers (a more expensive variant) is a bit thicker and that shows a bit in your hairline. Furthermore, a good product and definitely recommended!

From V on 29 November 2015

I use it for several years. Super solution for thinning hair. Recommended!!

From Montella on 22 November 2015

Good product these beaver keratine hair fibers, I'm proud of you!!

From Catoo on 18 October 2015

I'm still trying. Was my first time. So far I see that it helps and also got a few comments (positive) already. First I'm going to use it for a week, then I give my comments.

From ikke on 11 September 2015

2nd time I ordered and this time I took a little darker shade. The mix of the two colors together is just right. With this product, I have much more confidence and I can leave the house without any worries. Thanks for the quick and good service!

From Bas on 16 July 2015

This is really great stuff, very fast delivery! There's only one disadvantage, I can not do without it any more...

From De vries on 17 April 2015

From Michael on 10 March 2015

It is just as good as the more expensive brands. I will definitely order again.

From kishor kumar on 8 March 2015

Fantastic, within 30 seconds just a full head of hair again, and the delivery service was top, ordered for half nine and tomorrow at home

From Y on 4 February 2015

Very good product for a good price!

From Marion on 31 January 2015

Fine and clear website. Fast delivery and good product for a low price. Color is slightly lighter than the original product so next time buy a touch darker.

From tol1953 on 30 January 2015

that its fibers are still fantastic

From Ronald on 25 January 2015

Top product! At present this is still the best and affordable way to make your hair look fuller. Easy to use and it lasts pretty long. The ordering service is once again top! Am a satisfied customer.

From L. on 5 January 2015

Good product, does what it is intended for. Am very happy with it!

From Ronald on 22 November 2014

I use this for a while now and am very satisfied. It even lasts longer than a Nanogen!! I can really recommend this product. But also the ordering service, I am very satisfied. I received the next day at home. Top!!

From de Vries on 31 October 2014

Top Products! And super fast delivery! Repeating.

From M on 14 October 2014

Good stuff. Stay order!

From lenny on 8 October 2014

Miracle cure as long as you have enough hair to sprinkle onto!!!!

From farah on 2 October 2014

I think it's a good site, the delivery was pretty fast and as expected. I had been using Toppik hair building hair fibers. On this shop the Beaver fibers are exactly the same for even cheaper.

From s on 27 September 2014

Super product. Price / quality ratio is good and also fast delivery!

From Elly on 20 September 2014

Hot Stuff, cheaper than toppik and at least as good! Does not stain like the spray of the drug store. I use it daily, and the canister lasts for a long time for me.

From dave on 24 August 2014

Good stuff, works well. only downside is that you can't use styling gel because that gives lumps. Hairspray works well. With nanogen you can do just use gel. All in all, Beaver is cheaper and just as good. Recommended

Hair gel can also be used with Beaver fibers. It is best to do this before the application of the fibers, and let the gel dry first. When you apply it the other way around, the fibers may clump.

From Lili on 23 August 2014

Excellent service, perfect product and nice price I am very happy with it.

From Marleen on 1 August 2014

Keratin Hair Fibers - 28 grams was delivered on time and again, as always, perfectly packaged. Fine stuff for people with thin hair. I 'm happy again!

From a on 10 July 2014

feel more comfortable with this your hair look fuller

From franca n. on 7 July 2014

because my scalp is much less visible, it gives me a better and more secure feeling. works easy and enjoyable

From Meneer, S on 3 July 2014

Super stuff! work top

From R on 11 April 2014

Good shop. Just a pity that you do not have the product at home the next day. But.... Then you 've got some! I always used previously Nanogen. But Beaver is much better! You're doing it 2x as long and much cheaper than Nanogen. I 'm happy with it!

From MrSaverX on 29 March 2014

Top stuff... works really am very happy with it

From S.Mohammed on 21 February 2014

Excellent service. Within one day at home and it works fine. For months Toppik used, but this is much cheaper and will last longer. 'm satisfied with Beaver.

From Michael on 8 December 2013

Very good stuff, only it's not really water resistant. If it rains you're dead meat. For the rest, I would not recommend it for motorcycle riders (helmet) and whether you need to set up a safety helmet at work. For when I go to the gym, I wash it out first, if you sweat get you sweat the color of your hair. For just using it to go out and have your confidence gained back this a really great product! I will continue buying here.

From an on 27 August 2013

my first order after having used Toppik for years the medium brown color is a lot lighter than I'm used to so next time i'll order a darker one fast delivery

From cobi on 16 August 2013

Hi I think the product is fine but I have gray hair and the color is slightly too white maybe you can adjust but otherwise very satisfied

From Rosita on 14 August 2013

I am very happy with my hair fibers because I always bought Toppik fibers but that is definitely 2x as expensive. Those from you will last me a long time. And the speed with which my order came is top notch. I will possibly order multiple products from your website.

From ed on 12 July 2013

a great solution, it's great at temporarily filling up my thinning crown.

From John on 26 February 2013

Good stuff . Used other, more expensive brands of hair fibers before but this is just as good and matches my own hair color even better!

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