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All about hair growth

All about hair growth
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4 steps to prevent dry and damaged hair

Karen | 6 May 2022

First aid for dry and damaged hair! We all suffer from dry and damaged hair from time to time, the cause of which can be different. Have you been out in the cold with your (unprotected) hair a lot or have you been a bit too enthusiastic with the hot styling tools? The result in many cases is dry, frizzy and brittle hair. Oops! Fortunately, we have the solution to restore your dry and damaged hair in 4 steps.

dry hair

1. Use a high-quality shampoo!

A good nourishing shampoo is essential to prevent dry and damaged hair. A quality shampoo without SLS and parabens ensures a healthy scalp and beautiful and shiny hair. During washing you remove grease and dirt from the scalp and open the hair cuticles so that the active ingredients of the shampoo can penetrate the hair. You also prevent split ends.

The Nia Restructuring shampoo gently but effectively cleanses the hair, moisturizes the hair and restores split ends. Now you probably think: isn't washing your hair often is very bad for your hair? Wrong! If you use a quality shampoo without harmful substances, you can wash your hair daily without any worry.

2. A conditioner is key
A conditioner is vital to combat dry and damaged hair. Where the shampoo opens the hair cuticles to properly absorb the nutrients, a conditioner ensures that the moisture balance is restored. This way you repair the structural damage you have caused to your hair. A qualitative conditioner prevents (further) drying out of the hair and helps against frizz. A conditioner also helps against those irritating static strands.

Tip: It is best to apply a conditioner in the lengths and tips of the hair, this ensures that you nourish the most vulnerable parts of the hair, without weighing down the hair roots and stress the scalp further.

The Abyssian conditioner with Abyssinian oil and Jojoba reduces hair breakage up to 93% and shortens the drying time by up to 50%. This way you can quickly leave the house with beautiful, nourished hair.

3. Go to the next level with a hair mask
Have you already tried everything but is your hair really damaged and would you prefer to cut off those dry ends immediately? STOP! Time to go to the next level! In addition to the basic care of your hair with shampoo and conditioner, you can give your hair an extra boost by regularly using a quality hair mask.

The Nia FIX hair mask 2-step is your salvation. This hair mask provides intensive care in two steps and nourishes and repairs severely damaged hair. This mask protects your hair against external influences and gives it that extra boost for beautiful and shiny hair, without frizz!

4. Bring on the heat!
We all know that using heat styling tools is bad for your hair. You damage the hair cuticles and disrupt the natural moisture balance of the hair, causing the hair to dry out unnecessarily. This ensures dry and brittle hair.

Do you often use a hot hairdryer, straightener or curling iron? Protection is the keyword! By using a product that protects against heat, you protect the hair against drying out. A heat-protecting product such as the Abyssian Silk Milk coats the hair, so the moisture cannot be burned out of the hair. In addition, this Silk Milk also smells amazing. You can't lose with this one!

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