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All about hair growth

All about hair growth
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Curly Girl method and hair growth

8 June 2022

A popular way to care for curly hair is the Curly Girl method. It is designed for wavy, curly or frizzy hair. The popularity of the method is not surprising. It is based on the idea of treating curly hair with the greatest respect using specific techniques designed to work with the curl, not against it. An additional advantage for women who suffer from hair loss is that the method avoids aggressive chemicals and thus provides a healthy bunch of curls and removes possible factors of hair loss.

Does the curly girl method also work agianst hair loss?

What is the Curly Girl Method?

Curly and frizzy hair is often seen as difficult to manage. For example, they quickly become frizzy hair. And getting a healthy bunch of curls is not easy for everyone. But hair stylist Lorraine Massey has a solution for that in her book Curly Girl: The Handbook. Her method was developed to handle curly hair with care. By avoiding aggressive substances in the hair, minimising damage to the hair cuticle and always keeping the hair sufficiently moisturised, you can achieve a healthy, full head of curls.

At least, that is the idea. Essentially, this method works by allowing your hair to retain its natural moisture by removing all the unnecessary chemicals that build up on the hair shaft. Curly hair is more prone to dryness than straight hair, so that's where the frizz and limp curls come from. By avoiding harsh chemicals and ingredients, your hair can retain all its natural oils and slowly repair itself. Women who follow the Curly Girl Method say that their hair looks and feels completely revamped.

The basic rules of the CG Method:

  • Do not wash your hair too often
  • Avoid hair products with harmful chemicals such as sulphates, silicones that are not water soluble, parabens, wax, non-natural oils, harmful alcohols and fragrance or perfume
  • Do not use a towel, but rather a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt
  • Ignore brushes and combs
  • Stay away from heat and grooming devices such as hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons.
  • Don't dye your hair or avoid aggressive hair dyes
  • Moisturise your hair

    •  Tip: Do a hair test
      The elasticity of your hair indicates whether it needs moisturising. Elasticity is measured by pulling out a curl and seeing how quickly the curl springs back. If it does not spring back quickly, it is a sign of a lack of hydration. This can show that your hair needs care.

Does the Curly Girl Method work against hair loss?

The Curly Girl Method is not a hair growth treatment for women. But the way curly hair is treated has similarities with advice we give here at the Hair Growth Specialist. This is avoiding harmful substances and heat plus the importance of good hydration and care. In our assortment we have the Anti Pollution Club line of Abyssian Haircare. This line fits perfectly with the Curly Girl Method. The products do not contain any of the chemicals to be avoided. It consists of a mild shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that are made to care for and protect the hair from the harmful elements from outside.

Abyssian superfood recovery shampoo (250 ml): € 26

Boost your hair routine without weighing your hair down. A clean formula that makes the perfect shampoo for every hair type, including curly and frizzy hair

Abyssian daily shield superfood conditioner (250 ml): € 27

This moisturising conditioner nourishes your hair and scalp. The daily shield conditioner uses clean ingredients

Abyssian protein shake hair mask (250ml): € 38

A hair mask that hydrates, repairs and rejuvenates dry and damaged hair. It acts as an intensive treatment that helps to repair the hair and restore its natural glow