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All about hair growth

All about hair growth
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Hair loss after corona? What to do

26 July 2022

Have you had corona and notice that you are starting to experience (more) hair loss? This could very well be the case. One of the - even less known - symptoms after corona is an increased risk of (extreme) hair loss. But what causes this and is there any treatment available?

Hair loss after corona?

Scientific research has shown that hair loss can sometimes occur after corona. This is explained by the period of stress and fever. There are also three known cases of hair loss after receiving the corona vaccine. This seems to be mainly related to the condition 'Alopecia Areata'.

The cause of hair loss after corona

The coronavirus causes sudden stress in the hair follicles, which can change your hair cycle. Physical stress is caused by illness and fever. Emotional stress can also occur. This stress shortens the growth phase of your hair, and lengthens the resting phase. At that time you lose more hair than new hairs grow. This phenomenon is often referred to as Telogen Effluvium, a form of diffuse hair loss (hair loss distributed throughout the scalp). This form of hair loss often occurs in people who experience hair loss after illness, medication or stress.

Hair loss is often noticed two to three months after the first corona complaints. What is noticeable is that the more serious the corona complaints, the greater the chance of hair loss. When you think about it, this is understandable. The more severe the complaints are, the greater the amount of stress hormones that can affect the hair follicles.

Read more about COVID-19 as a cause of hair loss here

Hair loss after vaccination

There is also a chance of hair loss after a corona vaccination. However, the chance of this is much smaller than after an infection with the corona virus. Hair loss after vaccination manifests itself in a different form, namely patchy baldness (Alopecia Areata). This is caused by a reaction to the immune system.

This cause of hair loss has not been reported often, namely in three cases in Italy. In the study of those where this had occurred, they experienced the symptoms after 2 to 3 weeks after their vaccination. An important detail in this study was that these persons had previously experienced Alopecia Areata, for example, due to illness or stress.

Read more about the study 'Recurrence of alopecia areata after covid-19 vaccination: A report of three cases in Italy'.

Hair loss after vaccination

How long does the hair loss last?

The effect of the virus or the vaccination is restored in most cases after 6 to 9 months. After this period you should experience less hair loss, and new hair growth can occur. You could speed up this process by using hair growth stimulating products, specifically formulated for hair loss after illness and/or stress.

What to do about hair loss after corona or vaccination?

Spectral.F7 lotion
Spectral.F7 contains Astressin-B and copper peptides, among others. Astressin-B is a peptide complex of 33 amino acids that reduces stress hormones, prevents hair loss and stimulates new hair growth, increases the diameter of the hair shaft and stimulates the production of keratin. A lotion is applied twice a day to the scalp, where the hair is thinning. This makes a lotion a targeted treatment for thinning hair.

Neofollics tablets
This supplement contains several powerful ingredients that inhibit thinning hair and stimulate hair growth. It also contains the most important vitamins and minerals for healthy hair growth. The dietary supplement contains three important amino acids: L-carnitine, L-cysteine and Taurine. These improve hair growth by improving the transport of nutrients to the hair root and increasing energy production.

MSM powder
MSM is an organic sulphur and is an essential component of our skin, connective tissue, hair, joints and nails, among others. This mineral is perhaps somewhat unknown, but certainly not unloved. Our body needs sulphur compounds. These compounds form blood proteins and amino acids. They also enable the production of keratin and collagen. MSM powder can be used in conjunction with the dietary supplements in our range to improve the health and quality of hair.

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