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All about hair growth

All about hair growth
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How does beard oil work?

1 June 2022

Though some may find it hard to admit it, hipsters have brought the beard back to the streets. Nowadays, many more men are opting for a beard. But growing a beard is not the same as simply stopping to shave it. So as a man, how do you grow a decent beard and what if you don't have a full beard? How can you change that with a beard oil?

How does beard oil work

Fortunately, good news: your beard also consists of hair and we at the Hair Growth Specialist know all about that. During puberty, the hair follicles in the face start producing (beard) hair. This has to do with an increased amount of testosterone in the body. Facial hair benefits from a higher amount of testosterone, the more testosterone the more the facial hair is triggered to grow. The level of beard growth is, like head hair, genetically determined. However, it doesn't mean that the areas of your face that don't grow beard don't have hair follicles capable of producing beard hair.

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So what does beard oil do?

A beard oil is a blend of various nourishing oils that can be applied to the beard to nourish, moisturize and condition. This ensures healthy underlying skin and hair follicles. But when do you use a beard oil? For several reasons. Hydrated skin under the beard reduces the likelihood of beard dandruff and itching. Most beard oils have a pleasant scent and also add shine. Itching can accompany the growth of a beard. A good beard oil reduces this and addresses the sensitive skin as the oil penetrates directly into the hair follicles.

It would be easy to make the claim that a regular beard oil also stimulates hair growth. But there is something to be said against that. Healthier and more hydrated skin can mean that the underlying hair follicles work better and produce more beard hair. There is no hard evidence for this, however. In addition, there are also beard oils on the market that have been specially developed to stimulate beard growth. At the Hair Growth Specialist we noticed, however, that beard growth serums had a better effect than beard growth oils. These serums contain beard oils but combine it with proven beard growth stimulating ingredients.

3x Neofollics beard growth serum + free beard roller: € 76.38

This beard care kit contains a high concentration of 12 proven active ingredients, plus a Neofollics beard roller.

Beard Growth Serums

At Hairgroeispecialist we have two beard growth serums in the range. From Neofollics and Spectral.BRD. These serums contain caring oils, but also proven hair growth stimulating ingredients like ecklonia cava and Nanoxidil.

Neofollics Hair Growth Serum

The Neofollics Hair Growth Stimulating Beard Serum is one of the most advanced and powerful beard growth serums on the market. Its scientifically proven ingredients make the beard hairs grow faster and give the unactivated or weakened hair follicles an extra boost. It also contains nourishing oils such as Sandalwood extract, Castor oil, Rosemary oil and nourishing agave tequila gel that cares for the skin and gives the beard hairs a healthy shine.

Spectral.BRD beard growth serum

A serum that offers an integrated approach to improving the evenness of your beard. To encourage a thicker, fuller beard, the most effective clinically proven ingredients have been combined to create a serum that promotes fuller density, stimulates growth and improves facial hair quality.

Spectral.BRD beard growth serum: € 28.55

Spectral.BRD beard growth stimulating serum is a complete solution to increase the density of your beard hair.

So what does beard oil do


Should you decide to start with a beard growth serum, it is useful to use a dermaroller with it. A dermaroller is a roller with micro needles that improves the effectiveness of beard growth serums. It opens thousands of openings in the epidermis, allowing the active ingredients in the lotion to reach the hair follicle more easily. Research shows that microneedling with a derma roller can make a major contribution in treating hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Topical treatment of beards or moustaches is more effective if the active ingredients can be absorbed into the scalp.

Minoxidil in beard oil

Minoxidil is the most well-known hair growth stimulant on the market. So it is easy to make a connection with this and look for beard growth products that contain minoxidil. At Haargroeispecialist we see that there have been many developments in the field of hair growth products. The fact that minoxidil is the most well-known hair growth product does not automatically make it the best choice. Ingredients such as Nanoxidil and Adenosine have proven effects and have fewer to no proven side-effects. That is why we recommend the beard growth serums. They contain caring oils, plus proven beard growth stimulating ingredients based on the latest research.