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All about hair growth

All about hair growth
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Summer tips for your hair: useful tips against hair loss in the summer

Karen | 1 July 2022

Wondering what you can do to take good care of your hair during the summer(holiday)? In this article we discuss facts and fables about hair and the summer months. We also share some useful tips that can help you protect your hair from the summer sun.

Zomertips voor je haar

Fact or fable: 4 summer facts about your hair!

1. You have more hairloss in the summer

Fable. The sun and / or UV radiation does not cause additional hair loss, but the sun can cause damage to the hair by dehydration and hair breakage. It is also wise to protect the scalp from the sun. 

2. Wearing headgear causes hair loss

Fable. There is no research proving that wearing a (tight) headgear can cause more hair loss. On the contrary, we recommend that you wear a headgear when you walk in the sun to protect your hair and scalp from the sun!

3. Vitamin D is good for your hair 

Fact. Vitamin D plays an important role in the growth of your hair, a deficiency of this vitamin also has a negative effect on hair structure and length. In addition, a vitamin deficiency in the body can lead to very brittle hair and even hair loss.

4. Healthy food makes for healthy hair

Fact. Unhealthy diet does not immediately lead to baldness, but it is still bad for hair. With a nutritional supplement specially formulated for hair growth, you give your body everything it needs at once to grow hair healthy from the inside out. So don't forget to take your supplement with you on vacation too!

How to take good care of your hair even on vacation?

1. Change your hair routine as little as possible on vacation.
Do you normally take a supplement and use a hair growth stimulating shampoo? Then do this on vacation too!

2. Wear a hat, cap or other headgear to protect your hair and scalp.
The sun can damage your hair and dry it out, and your scalp can get an ugly burn. You can prevent this by wearing a hat. 

3. Bring travel packs of your hair growth stimulating products.
Make sure you can still take your favorite shampoo/conditioner, nutritional supplement or lotion with you in your suitcase by taking them with you in a small travel pack.

4. Do not panic!
Keeping up with your hair treatment is very important, but can sometimes be difficult on vacation. If you do have to change your routine a bit or forget a treatment? Don't get discouraged and pick up your treatment as soon as you can.