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Improved quantity discount

Wednesday 12 July 2017

When you order a larger number of products, you will get a discount on your order. This is referred to as a ‘quantity discount’.

From now on, you will receive a discount if you have an order of 3 or more products (before, there was a minimum of 4 products). In addition, the discount percentage has been increased.

The number of products you order determines how big the discount will be. The discount percentage is valid for all products in your shopping cart. It doesn't matter whether you order 4 identical products or 4 different products. A combination package counts as 2 products.

Why do we provide a quantity discount?

  1. More products in one package? We share the shipping benefits.
    Parcel services charge the same for sending a package, whether it has 1 or 5 products in it.
  2. Your treatment consists of different products? We give a discount on all products.
    We don't just provide a quantity discount when ordering a large quantity of the same product, but rather on your entire order.
  3. You want to continue your treatment conveniently? Order several in advance with discount.
    For best results, a continuous treatment is crucial. Therefore, we recommend that you have some products in stock.

Product prices with quantity discount immediately visible

When you have 2 (or more) products in your shopping cart, you can immediately see how much you would pay for a product if you were to add this product to your cart.

  1. An orange bar at the top of the page.
  2. The product price in orange, indicating how much you would pay for this extra product.
  3. When choosing the desired quantity of a product.