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Ketoconazol shampoos

Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication that works well against dandruff and is also scientifically proven effective against Androgenetic Alopecia. There are several good shampoos available with ketoconazole which also contain important ingredients to stimulate hair growth and inhibit DHT (important in hereditary hair loss), such as caffeine, procyanidin B2, and saw palmetto.

Which shampoo is best for you depends on how often it is used, whether the scalp is sensitive and dry, and whether there is a need to fight itchiness and dandruff:

These hair growth stimulating shampoos are much more effective than shampoos such as Alpecin and Plantur 39, which contain only one or a few active ingredients, and in a low dosage, but which are promoted with a large advertising budget.

Want to know the differences between the popular hair growth shampoos Revita, Regenepure DR and Neofollics? We have put the most important differences next to each other.