About the Hair Growth Specialist

The Hair Growth Specialist has been the specialist for hair loss products since 2011. It is our goal to help people with their hair problems. In our webshop we offer a range of hair growth stimulating products that are strictly selected for their effectiveness, ease of use and scientific support. We keep a close eye on new developments.

Our strength is the personal and customer-friendly approach. Together we select products that fit your situation and personal preferences. You can contact our specialists for honest advice and for all your questions regarding hair loss. Are you looking for background information? On our website you can also find substantiated, independent information about hair loss, types of hair loss and treatment options for both men and women. You can read many articles on our website.

We offer various products such as topical lotions with Nanoxidil and Adenosine, shampoos and conditioners, supplements with DHT inhibitors, hair fibers and a laser helmet. The products each contain various ingredients whose hair growth stimulating effect has been scientifically proven. A number of products only have a cosmetic or nourishing effect.

When you first have to deal with hair loss, we always recommend that you contact a doctor or dermatologist to determine the nature of the hair loss and to prescribe medication. If you also want to use other products, or as an alternative, then you have come to the right place.

History of the Hair Growth Specialist

We, the two founders of the Hair Growth Specialist, also suffered from hair loss. In recent years we have gained a great deal of knowledge about hair growth, combating hair loss and the development of hair growth treatments. We have tried many products in the past. We know how annoying it can be to suffer from hair loss and not to know which products you can use best. The main reason to start with the Hair Growth Specialist is that many products are offered on the Internet and in stores, which are insufficiently scientifically substantiated and have a much too high price tag.

We want to offer honest and reliable information in combination with the sale of products that can really work, at the lowest possible price. We only want to sell products that our customers are satisfied with. The Hair Growth Specialist has grown into a large webshop with many loyal and satisfied customers.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the products offered, the ordering process, the shipment or do you have another question? Our customer service is there for you! Click here to contact us directly. We answer your question as quickly as possible.

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