Our mission

Not everyone is blessed with a full head of hair. Some people deal with hair loss, a receding hairline or other hairy problems. And that's hard to deal with.

We know that all too well. We too have suffered from hair loss. At first, we thought we were doomed. We avoided photo opportunities, rainy days and windy beaches. Our self-esteem began to crumble and we thought it would never be right again.

But then we started doing research. And while sleuthing, we found products that really worked. We tested many and continued to use some. We also learned a lot about hair. Plus: our hair started to grow back! And with every inch, our self-confidence grew.

We developed an addiction: finding the best hair products. We believe that what is good for us, can be good for many. We want to share with you what we know. That's why we only include effective and scientifically proven products in our range. Treatments that work and take good care of your hair.

You also help us a great deal.

Worried about possible side effects or ingredients? Do you have trouble applying products? Or worry about what others might think? That's completely understandable. And you're certainly not the only one! We talk to people every day who are struggling like you. And in hearing all your personal stories, we realized we have a bigger mission:

"We want to create a world where addressing hair issues is a natural part of your daily care, just like brushing your teeth or using wax."

We're here for you

Our goal is to help you find the right products, because everyone and every hair is different. That includes personalized advice, including clear instructions for use and the support to keep going. Because we have to be honest: it takes more than two days to get where you want to be! But we promise you, we'll help you through it.

Eventually, with each hair that grows back, your self-confidence will grow too. No more doubts when meeting new people, walking the dog on a rainy day, or going to the gym. Just being yourself. Being your true, beautiful, powerful self.