Beaver Professional

Włókna sierści bobra (28 gr)

Beaver hair fibers (28 gr) - Hair Growth Specialist
Beaver Professional

Włókna sierści bobra (28 gr)

Keratynowe włókna budujące włosy to doskonałe rozwiązanie kosmetyczne, które w krótkim czasie zmienia wygląd przerzedzonych włosów. Włókna włosów przylegają do istniejących włosów i sprawiają, że włosy wyglądają na grubsze i pełniejsze.

Miniaturowe włókna są wykonane z naturalnych białek. Efekt wygląda naturalnie i jest niewidoczny dla innych osób. Dlatego też włókna włosów zapewniają wzrost pewności siebie u wielu osób. Włókna włosów pozostają na miejscu przez cały dzień, nie pozostawiają żadnych śladów i są, zwłaszcza po utrwaleniu, odporne na wiatr, deszcz i pot.

Włókna włosów Beaver Professional są najwyższej jakości. The Hair Growth Specialist jest bezpośrednim importerem Beaver Professional w Europie Zachodniej, co pozwala nam oferować te włókna włosów w znacznie niższej cenie niż inne marki, takie jak Toppik i Nanogen.

Zamów kolor, który najbardziej przypomina Twój kolor włosów. Jeśli masz kolor włosów, który mieści się pomiędzy dwoma dostępnymi kolorami włosów, wymieszaj dwa kolory.

Włókna włosów są dostępne w opakowaniach po 28 gramów i 12 gramów. Przy normalnym użytkowaniu 28 gramów wystarcza na około 2 miesiące.

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Voor en na het gebruik van keratine haarvezelsFor who and for what are hair fibers most suitable?
Hair fibers are a cosmetic solution to camouflage hair loss or thinning hair. The hair fibers ensure for thicker and fuller looking hair. They can be used in case of low hair density, thin hair, balding spots such as temples and crown. The hair fibers are suitable for men and women and can be used for both long and short hair.

It is important that the hair fibers can adhere to existing hairs. In case of crew cut hair or a bald spot without any hair, the hair fibers will not have enough grip. When on a bald spot no hairs are growing at all anymore, the hair fibers will simply lay on top of the scalp. This makes the spot less visible, however it provides less of a 'full' look and may appear unnatural.

Hair fibers can also be used for the treatment of outgrowth for dyed hair, although the fibers were not specifically designed for this purpose.

The hair fibers can be perfectly used in addition to our other products. In the short term the hair fibers camouflage the thinner hairs, while in combination with a hair growth stimulating lotion, shampoo etc. hair loss can be reduced and hair growth is stimulated.

What exactly are hair fibers?
The hair fibers are made of keratin, the same natural protein as hairs consist of. The hair fibers therefore look like real hair and are invisible to other people. The fibers look kind of like a powder, but under the microscope you can see that they are small fibers.

By means of static electricity, the fibers adhere to the available hairs as if they are tiny magnets. This means even the thinnest (vellus) hair will turn into a fuller, thicker hair. Thus, the hair will start looking fuller in general, thinner spots will be less visible.

How do you use hair fibers?
The hair fibers are easy to apply by keeping the bottle upside down and shaking lightly around the areas that require treatment. In a matter of seconds, thousands of minuscule hair fibers mix with your own hair. When the hair fibers are sprinkled across the hair lightly, the fibers will adhere to the hairs that are present. After applying, the fibers must be spread out by lightly tapping on the hair with the finger tips.

The hair fibers are available in 9 hair colors. Order the color that most closely resembles your own hair color. When you have a hair color that falls between two available hair colors, mixing two colors will give you the most natural result.

When applied properly, the fibers will stay in place for an entire day. Especially when the fiber hold spray is being used. This ensures for improved adhesion of the fibers to the hair and an extra strong fixation, so that you can be 100% confident, even in rain and wind. The hair fibers are washable with a shampoo.

Read the user instructions below for the exact application step by step.

Hair fibers ensure for a thicker and fuller look of the hair and camouflage areas on the head where fewer and/or thinner hairs are growing. Because the hair fibers are made of keratin, they easily mix with your own hair for a natural look.

Applying will be easier and quicker after some practice. Therefore, read the tips and information on this page carefully for a satisfying end result.

Results of Beaver hair fibers man

Results of Beaver hair fibers woman

Brand Beaver Professional
A good treatment for Camouflaging bald spots/thin hair
Characteristics Paraben-free, Silicone-free, SLS-free, Sulphate-free
Colors Blonde, Dark brown, Grey, Auburn, Light brown, Medium blonde, Medium brown, White, Black
Content 28 gr
Prescribed use 1x per day
Suitable for Men, Women, Pregnant women, Younger than 18, 18-65 years, Older than 65
Barcode 6943074186222
  • Keratin

    The most important component of hair. Keratin is known for its restorative properties and ensures that your hair is and remains strong, healthy and shiny. Hair consists of about 89% keratin.

  • Keratin -

  • Cetrimonium Chloride -
  • Silica -
  • DMDM Hydantoin -
  • Iron Oxides

Good preparation is of great importance. Then applying the hair fibers is done in a couple of simple steps. This is briefly explained below. Do you still have questions after reading these steps? Continue reading under the 4 steps, here you will find very extensive user instructions and advice.


  • Choose the right color hair fibers. If necessary, combine two colors for the best result.
  • Ensure that the hair is dry when the hair fibers are applied.
  • When you use gel, apply it before using hair fibers and let the gel dry properly first.
  • Style your hair.


Step 1
Unscrew the protection cap, shake the bottle of hair fibers gently up and down and sprinkle the hair fibers on the desired areas on the head until the skin is no longer visible. If desired, all of the hair can be treated.

It is better to use too few hair fibers than too many. Therefore it is best to apply the hair fibers in several stages, rather than a lot of it in one go.

When you use a mix of two colors, start with the darkest color.

To be able to apply the hair fibers even easier, more targeted and efficiently, the handy hair fiber applicator can be used. When you use the applicator, it is advisable to shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly, so the hair fibers keep their loose structure.

The hairline optimizer helps to quickly and easily create a natural looking hairline.

Step 2
Look at the result. If necessary, apply another layer of hair fibers until the desired result has been achieved.

Lightly tap on the hair to spread out the fibers. You can also brush the hair gently and superficially using your fingers or a coarse brush.

Step 3
Apply the fiber hold spray to the treated areas and/or all of the hair. Keep a distance of about 30 cm when doing this.

The hair fibers can stay in place throughout the entire day. Of course for that, the advice must be followed carefully. The hair fibers can be rinsed out by washing the hair with shampoo.

Step 4
Enjoy a full head of hair!

Want to read more about the use of the hair fibers? Read more below.

Practical application / applying on the hair

Just like styling a haircut, applying hair fibers requires some practice and will always become easier to do. While you'll probably need up to fifteen minutes the first time to apply hair fibers to your satisfaction, you will soon be able to do this within a few minutes.

Lightly sprinkle the hair fibers so that they easily spread across the existing hair. If necessary, use the hair fiber applicator to apply the fibers more evenly and more targeted.

Style the hair as desired. Very important is that the hair fibers are applied to fully dry hair. When you use gel, do this prior to the use of the hair fibers and make sure that it has properly dried up before applying the fibers.

The hair fibers are available in 9 colors. Use the color that most resembles your own hair color or mix two colors. When you use a mix of two colors, start with the darkest color.

Unscrew the cap of the bottle of hair fibers. You now see a lid with tiny holes. Hold the bottle, with the opening fully directed downwards, above the area that you wish to cover and shake the bottle up and down. Sprinkle the hair fibers onto the desired areas until the skin is no longer visible. Use your free hand to guide the application and use a mirror to be able to see better which areas still need thickening. It's not a problem when fibers end up in the surrounding hairs, they will not be visible. If necessary, use the hair fibers with the head down to prevent fibers from going into your eyes.

Do you use the hair fiber applicator to apply the hair fibers? Then it's advisable to shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly, so the hair fibers keep their loose structure.

When applying hair fibers at the front, spread your thumb and index finger and place your hand on your forehead, just below the hairline. This way, you will prevent the hair fibers from getting onto your forehead. You can also use the hairline optimizer, a useful tool for applying hair fibers at the front.

Applying less often gives better results. To make sure you do not apply too many fibers, making it too thick and therefore appear too unnatural, applying it in layers (in several 'stages') is better than in 1 go. The use of the hair fiber applicator may come in handy.

Finally, take a look into the mirror. Continue to fill up the hair if necessary. With a little bit more experience you will quickly learn to apply it without needing to look into the mirror (too often).

Brush the treated area lightly and superficially with your hands or a coarse brush.

If the hair is not yet full enough, it can be further filled up with extra fibers and made lighter with the hands or a comb.

If desired, apply the fiber hold spray of Beaver Professional to the treated areas. When doing this, keep a distance of about 30 cm so that the spray can be lightly and evenly dispersed across the hair and hair fibers.

Also check out our 10 tips for using hair fibers for best results.

Do you have any questions about fitting the hair fibers into your daily routine? For example whether you can sleep or exercise with hair fibers? Read more below.

Daily use of hair fibers

Suitable for the entire day
Hair fibers, just like styling products, stay in your hair throughout the entire day after applying. They can be rinsed out with water and shampoo. Carefully check our tips on this page for optimal results.

The hair fibers adhere well to your hair on their own. Use the fixative spray to improve the adhesion of the fibers to your hairs. This also makes the fibers more resistant to wind and rain.

Washing the hair
The hair can be washed prior to applying the fibers. Ensure that the hair is completely dry when you apply the fibers, then the hair fibers can spread well across the hairs. When you have hair fibers in your hair and you wash your hair, you will rinse out the hair fibers. Even when you used the fixative spray; the spray is good at handling rain, but it can not handle a lot of water.

Combing the hair
It is recommended to first style the hair with a comb before applying the hair fibers. When you have applied the hair fibers, you could superficially and coarsely brush your hair or comb the hair with your hands. When you have used the fixative spray, the hair can be brushed after the spray has dried for a softer looking result. The spray keeps the fibers in place.

Use together with gel/styling products
The combination between gel and hair fibers is possible, but keep in mind the possibility of a less good looking result. The hair fibers adhere to the hairs when applying. When the gel causes the hairs to stick together, there are fewer hairs for the hair fibers to adhere to.

When you use gel, apply it before applying hair fibers and let the gel dry properly first before starting with the application of the fibers. When you apply this in reverse, the wet gel will pull the hair fibers away from the hairs and the hair fibers will start sticking together.

Alternatives such as wax, in small amounts, could possibly be used after applying the fibers, because it will not make the hair wet or start sticking together. This does require some skill and practice. Hair spray can be used fine, provided not too much is used, causing the hair to become moist.

For best results, we recommend to only use the fiber hold spray. The spray adheres the hair fibers to the hair, without wiping them away. Moreover, the spray will fixate the hair, making the hair keep its styling. The hair fiber fixative spray also contains ingredients to nourish the hair and hair fibers.

Use in combination with a hair growth stimulating lotion
When you use a hair growth stimulating lotion such as Spectral.DNC-N, first apply the lotion and then let it completely soak in. The use of hair fibers will have a much better result on a dry scalp and hair. Moreover, the lotion may not be absorbed properly when fibers are used.

A lotion must be used twice per day. When you use hair fibers in addition to the lotion, we recommend the following routine. Apply the lotion in the morning and let it soak in properly. Then apply the hair fibers. Rinse your hair before going to bed and/or wash the hair. This will wash the fibers from the hair so that they can not fall out during the night. Then apply the lotion and go to bed.

Swimming and exercising with hair fibers
The hair fibers may be washed out or start to clump together when the hair becomes too moist. You could basically exercise with the fibers, but they are less resistant against heavy perspiration. With the fixative spray, it also remains in place when it becomes wet, but just like any other styling product, this spray will wash out during swimming, in case of heavy rainfall or perspiration.

Walking / cycling through rain and wind
In case of light to moderate rain (and wind), the hair fibers will remain in place when the fixative spray has been used. When the spray is not used, the fibers will not simply be washed or blown out from the hair in case of rain or wind, but the chance of this happening is increased. In case of heavy rainfall, the same goes for washing the hair: the fibers are not resistant to this.

Rinsing out the hair fibers
You will wash out all of the hair fibers by washing the hair with shampoo.

Sleeping with hair fibers
It is basically possible to sleep with the hair fibers. However, chances are that the hair fibers will become loose during sleeping and they may end up on your pillow case. We recommend to wash the hair before sleeping.

Storing the bottle of hair fibers
The hair fibers are often used in the bathroom. We recommend doing this when the bathroom is no longer damp from showering. When applying, the hair fibers are sensitive to moist, making it possible for them to start clumping together.

Additionally, we recommend to close the bottle of hair fibers properly and to store the bottle in a dry place, preferably outside the bathroom or behind a door in a cabinet. The bottle is easy to close, but in the long term some moist may get into the bottle.

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