Ducray Creastim Reactiv lotion (60 ml)

Ducray Creastim Reactiv lotion (60 ml) - Hair Growth Specialist
Ducray Creastim Reactiv lotion (60 ml) - Hair Growth Specialist

Ducray Creastim Reactiv lotion (60 ml)

Ducray's Creastim Reactiv Lotion przeciw wypadaniu włosów to lotion na porost włosów odpowiedni do stosowania w przypadku wypadania włosów o niedziedzicznej przyczynie. Wypadanie włosów może wystąpić w okresie stresu, zmęczenia lub zmiany pór roku. Ten balsam przeciw wypadaniu włosów:

  • pomaga spowolnić wypadanie włosów i reaktywuje wzrost istniejących włosów,
  • wzmacnia włosy i przywraca im siłę i witalność

Dostępny również w połączeniu z szamponem Ducray i suplementami Anacaps Tri-Activ jako kompletna kuracja na porost włosów.

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Ducray Creastim Reactiv lotion (60 ml)
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Creastim Reactiv lotion by Ducray is a lotion recommended for hair loss with a non-hereditary cause. It stimulates hair growth and strengthens the hair fibre and keratin, of which hair is built. The lotion is formulated with 93.4% natural ingredients. 

It also helps inhibit hair loss, beautifies hair and restores its density. The innovative formula acts on the hair bulb and the quality of the keratin of the hair fibre. 

  • The tetrateptide extends the life of the hair and, in combination with creatine, helps to stimulate the growth phase of the hair
  • The complex with vitamins B5, B6 and B8 strengthens the hair structure
  • Hair loss is slowed down, the growth of one's own hair is reactivated and the hair appears denser

The lotion absorbs quickly when used, does not stick and is non-greasy. 

Brand Ducray
A good treatment for Hormonal hair loss, Hair loss due to stress, Hair loss due to illness/medicine, Hair loss men, Hair loss women, Thinning hair
Characteristics Paraben-free, Silicone-free, SLS-free, Sulphate-free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Content 60 ml
Hair loss stage Preventive hair loss, Beginning hair loss, Moderate hair loss
Prescribed use 3x per week
Suitable for Men, Women, 18-65 years, Older than 65
Barcode 3282770155112
  • Biotin

    This is one of the most important vitamins against hair loss. Vitamin B8 is necessary for maintaining healthy hair. It contributes to the production of keratin, important for healthy hair, scalp and nails. Biotin can also prevent graying of the hair.

  • Vitamin B5

    A deficiency of this vitamin can cause hair loss. Supplementing it thus prevents unwanted hair loss.

  • Vitamin B6

    Ensures stronger and healthier hair.

  • Creatine

    Creatine increases the production of proteins essential for hair development, which can lead to fuller, healthier hair.

  • Tetrapeptide

    Extends the anagen phase (growth phase) by acting on TNF α. Delays the transition to catagen phase (transition phase). This reduces hair loss.

  • Water (Aqua) -
  • Alcohol Denat. -
  • Hexylene Glycol -
  • Pentylene Glycol -
  • Polyglyceryl-4 Caprate -
  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2 -
  • Biotin -
  • Caramel -
  • Creatine -
  • Dextran -
  • Fragrance (Parfum) -
  • Panthenol -
  • Pantolactone -
  • Pyridoxine Hcl -
  • Tocopheryl Nicotinate
  • Apply 4 doses of 0.6 ml to the entire scalp, dry or wet, 3 times a week. (The dose is indicated on the dropper)
  • Massage the product into the skin with the fingertips.
  • Rinse it not to let it take effect.
  • Repeat 3 times a week.

Ducray indicates that the lotion can be used on scalps made sensitive by cancer treatments and it can be used by pregnant women (from the 2nd trimester onwards) and when breastfeeding. 

Precautionary measures when using: 

  • Avoid contact with the eyes

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