Kmax keratin hair fibers - Dark grey (64 gr)

Kmax keratin hair fibers - Dark grey (64 gr)
Kmax keratin hair fibers - Dark grey (64 gr)
Kmax keratin hair fibers - Dark grey (64 gr)

The Kmax keratin hair fibers are an innovative product. The hair fibers consist of keratin that attaches to thinning, fine hair through static electricity. In a second, the hair looks thicker and thinning parts of the scalp are camouflaged.

The effect of hair fibers is natural and invisible for people in your environment. Therefore, hair fibers provide for a boost in confidence in a lot of people. The hair fibers remain in place throughout the day, do not leave any residue and are, especially after fixation, resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.

The most important benefits of the Kmax hair fibers are:

  • Fine microfibers with electrostatic properties enhanced
  • Different natural colour shades
  • Easy and practical to apply
  • Detailed, easy-to-understand instructions for even better application
  • Best price/quality ratio

It is very important to order the right colour shade. To exactly determine the most suitable colour, you can compare applications with different colours (e.g. buying dark brown one time, medium brown the next, etc.), trying them on your hair until you find the one best suited. You can also mix two or more different colours to get your own personalized colour that's perfect for your hair.

The hair fibers are available in the sizes: 5 grams, 15 grams, 32 grams as well as a 64 gram refill package. 32 grams of hair fibers are enough to last 2 months.

Note: Kmax hair fibers are no longer available to customers outside of the Netherlands and Belgium. If you are looking for an alternative brand, check out Beaver or Toppik hair fibers.

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Kmax keratin hair fibers - Dark grey (64 gr)
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For who and for what are hair fibers most suitable?

Hair fibers are a cosmetic solution to camouflage hair loss or thinning hair. Kmax concealing hair fibers consist of tiny keratin fibers that attach to existing hair through static electricity. The hair fibers ensure for thicker and fuller looking hair. They can be used in case of low hair density, thin hair, balding spots such as temples and crown.

The hair fibers are suitable for both men and women and can be used for both long and short hair. Kmax concealing hair fibers can be used to make the hair look thicker and mask thin hair. A growing number of women are confronted with thinning hair, especially from a certain age. With hair fibers, this is easily fixable.

It is important that the hair fibers can adhere to existing hairs. In case of crew cut hair or a bald spot without any hair, the hair fibers will not have enough grip. When on a bald spot no hairs are growing at all anymore, the hair fibers will simply lay on top of the scalp. This makes the spot less visible, however it provides less of a 'full' look and may appear unnatural.

What exactly are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are made of keratin, this is the same natural protein of which hair consists. Because of this, the hair fibers look like real hair and they are invisible for other people. To the eye, the fibers look like a powder but when looking at it from under a microscope you can see that they are very thin, very tiny fibers.

By means of static electricity, the fibers adhere to the available hairs as if they are tiny magnets. This means even the thinnest (vellus) hair will turn into a fuller, thicker hair. Thus, the hair will start looking fuller in general, thinner spots will be less visible.

How do you use hair fibers?

When you want the best results - that will gradually improve when you get are experienced in applying the hair fibers - it is important to follow some tips.

  • Use the hair fibers on dry hair

  • flip the bottle in an angle of 45 degrees, hold the bottle 5-10 cm above your thinner looking hair en shake gently

  • With the help of your hands or a brush, you can gently spread the fibers. Make sure that you do not touch your scalp with your fingertips.

  • Next you style your hair. To increase the adherence of the hair fibers, you can use the Kmax fixating spray.

Read more about the step-for-step instructions on this page.


The hair fibers provide an incredible "psychological contribution". Immediately the hair looks thicker and the visible balding places have disappeared. Because of this, hair fibers users are more self-confident and more at peace. During the treatment with hair growth stimulating products hair fibers can help to mask thinning hair while simultaneously stimulating new hair to grow. Dermatologists advise their patients as well to use hair fibers after a hair transplantation to conceal the little scabs that are formed in the days following the transplantation.

Voor en na gebruik Kmax haarvezels

Read our tips and information about applying and using the hair fibers on this page for the best possible end result.

Brand Kmax Milano
A good treatment for Camouflaging bald spots/thin hair
Characteristics Paraben-free, Silicone-free, SLS-free, Sulphate-free
Colors Dark grey
Content 64 gr
Prescribed use 1x per day
Suitable for Men, Women, Pregnant women, Younger than 18, 18-65 years, Older than 65
Barcode 8058150428375
  • Keratin

    The most important component of hair. Keratin is known for its restorative properties and ensures that your hair is and remains strong, healthy and shiny. Hair consists of about 89% keratin.

  • Keratin -

  • Silica

It’s important to have a good preparation. Then applying the hair fibers is done in a couple of simple steps. This is briefly explained below. Do you still have questions after reading these steps? Continue reading under the 4 steps, here you will find very extensive user instructions and advice.


  • Choose the right colour hair fibers. If necessary, combine two colours for the best result.
  • Ensure that the hair is dry when the hair fibers are applied.
  • When you use gel, apply it before using hair fibers and let the gel dry properly first.
  • Style your hair.

Applying the hair fibers

Step 1.

Unscrew the protection cap, shake the bottle of hair fibers gently up and down and sprinkle the hair fibers on the desired areas on the head until the skin is no longer visible. If desired, all of the hair can be treated.

It is better to use too few hair fibers than too many. Therefore, it is best to apply the hair fibres in several stages, rather than a lot of it in one go.

When you use a mix of two colours, start with the darkest colour.

To be able to apply the hair fibers even easier, more targeted and efficiently, the handy hair fibre applicator can be used. When you use the applicator, it is advisable to shake the bottle of hair fibers regularly, so the hair fibers keep their loose structure.

The hairline optimizer helps to quickly and easily create a natural looking hairline.

Step 2.

Look at the result. If necessary, apply another layer of hair fibers until the desired result has been achieved.

Lightly tap on the hair to spread out the fibers. You can also brush the hair gently and superficially using your fingers or a coarse brush.

Step 3.

Apply the fibre fixating spray to the treated areas and/or all of the hair. Keep a distance of about 30 cm when doing this.

The hair fibers can stay in place throughout the entire day. Of course for that, the advice must be followed carefully. The hair fibers can be rinsed out by washing the hair with shampoo.

Step 4.

Enjoy a full head of hair!

Frequently Asked Questions

We've listed the things we're asked the most about here. Do you have another question? Feel free to contact us.

How do I get the hair fiber applicator onto the can of hair fiber?

Remove the spreader part (the plastic with the holes in it) from the canister of hair fiber. Twist and pull, possibly with two hands. Then you can screw the applicator on.

How can I use the 64 grams of hair fiber refill package?

The 64 gram refill package is a large standing bag containing hair fibers. To use this refill package you will need a jar of K-Max hair fibers (5, 15 or 32 g). Refilling the jar is easy:

  1. Remove the cap from the jar
  2. Remove the spreader from the jar
  3. Open the refill bag
  4. Fill the jar with the hair fibers from the refill bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Do not know

It is a very nice product and I am happy with it

How long have you been using the product for?: More than a year
How often do you use the product?: 4-6 times a week
Kmax decent quality

Decent quality, blends well, the main disadvantage if you sleep with it, then the pillow gets messy.

Anny van Bedaf
Great product

I don't go out without using this


After trying different brands of fiber, I still think this is the best. Good color, easy to apply and stays put. Be sure to include the fixing spray.

How long have you been using the product for?: 1 to 2 months
How often do you use the product?: 4-6 times a week

They blend in nicely, have no chemicals smell, don't irritate the scalp, good choice.

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