Advice for when dealing with an itchy scalp

Advice for when dealing with an itchy scalp

An itchy scalp is unfortunately a common problem. Sometimes it is even accompanied by scratching wounds on the scalp, red bumps, scales and hair loss. In this article we will tell you more about what can cause an itchy scalp and how you can prevent it. You can also read about what you can do about an irritated scalp and which shampoos and conditioners are suitable for it.

Symptoms of an itchy scalp

The most obvious symptom of an itchy scalp is, of course, itching. Sometimes this itching is so unbearable that it interferes with your daily life. Scalp itching manifests itself in different ways, such as red bumps, scabs, flakes or hair loss.

Causes of an itchy scalp

There are several explanations for when your scalp itches.

Irritated scalp due to age or stress

An itchy scalp can be caused by an imbalance of moisture in the scalp. This can occur as you age or experience hormonal changes, as your scalp produces fewer natural oils. Stress can also cause itching of the scalp as it causes inflammation. Skin problems, such as seborrhoeic eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, can also cause an irritated scalp and itching.

Other explanations

Changing seasons or temperatures can have a negative impact on the moisture balance in the scalp. This then causes an itching sensation on the head. Air pollution can also cause itching, as it can lead to inflammation of the skin. In addition, certain habits, such as unhealthy diet and smoking, can cause an irritated scalp. Certain aggressive ingredients in medicines and hair products are also a known problem.

How to prevent an itchy scalp

How to prevent an itchy scalp?

As mentioned before, an itchy scalp is mainly caused by an imbalance of moisture in the scalp. To prevent itching on the head, it is therefore important to restore the moisture balance. This is something you can do yourself!

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Take enough essential vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid stress wherever possible
  • Avoid certain chemicals in your cosmetic products

What can you do about an itchy scalp?

Above you can see how to prevent itching of the scalp. But what if you are already experiencing itching? Perhaps the following advice will help:

Use mild shampoo and conditioner

Many shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that degrease your scalp too much. This makes the natural oils of your scalp disappear, which causes itching.

Try to avoid stressful situations

Experiencing prolonged, intense stress can cause inflammation of the scalp. Stress can also cause you to feel an itching sensation on your head, while the scalp is still in good condition. This itching leads to scratching, which causes wounds and scabs.

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Scrub and massage the scalp gently

Residual shampoo or flakes on the scalp can aggravate the sensation of itching. While showering (not warmer than 38 degrees), gently massage your scalp to loosen and wash away excess shampoo residue and any flakes.

Which shampoo helps against an itchy scalp?

We already mentioned that aggressive ingredients in shampoos and conditioners can make your head itch. But which shampoos are suitable to prevent or treat an irritated scalp? It is important to choose a shampoo that is mild and does not contain sulphates. This kind of shampoo hydrates the scalp and prevents it from drying out. This also applies to a conditioner.

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Do you suffer from an irritated scalp? Then try our advice. You will notice that your scalp will soon feel better.

Doesn't the itching on your scalp diminish?

If the itching on your scalp persists, ask your doctor or dermatologist for advice.