Can you make your hair grow faster?

Can you make your hair grow faster?

The short and disappointing answer is no. Well, not really. There are no substances that speed up hair growth. But on the other hand, there are factors that can slow down the rate of your hair growth or cause hair loss. These can be changed. There are different ways to get better, longer and healthier hair. This applies to both men and women.

How fast does my hair grow?

About 90 per cent of your hair is actively growing. The growth phase, called the anagen phase, lasts from two to seven years, but the average is about three years. In this phase, hair grows on average 1.25 cm per month. However, this varies somewhat from person to person. From 0.5 cm to 1.7 cm per month. This difference in speed depends on various factors such as: age, gender and general health.

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Good scalp care

It is extremely important to take good care of the scalp. Proper care stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp, which has a positive effect on the overall health and growth of the hair. Different treatments or care products are available for this. A nice and quick solution is to massage your shampoo or conditioner with the scalp brush. A scalp massage with this scalp massager increases the blood flow to the scalp, so the hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients. This way maximum hair growth can take place. It has been proven that massaging the scalp has a positive influence on the blood circulation.

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Grow hair longer; take good care of your hair

If you can't grow hair faster, can you grow your hair longer? You can. If your hair is stuck at a certain length when you want a longer bunch, there may be several reasons for this. On average, a woman's hair grows to 80 cm in length at the latest. Proper care of the hair and scalp can improve the condition of your hair and make it stronger and longer.

Healthier hair has fewer split ends and is less likely to break off. If your hair does not grow beyond a certain length, the most likely cause is that your hair is not growing properly from the root. The hair follicle does not produce healthy hair and is therefore easily damaged, leading to rapid breakage.

Tips for healthier hair: Don't touch your wet hair too much. Wet hair is stretchy and combing it when it is wet can make your hair break.

  • Don't touch your wet hair too much. Wet hair is stretchy and combing it when it is wet can make your hair break.
  • For example, do not use a straightener too often and use it at a low temperature.
  • Don't wear your hair in too tight a fringe.
Can you make your hair grow faster?

Drink a lot of water

This may sound like the most generic advice, but drinking plenty of water is very important for longer hair. Just like your body, your hair needs hydration. A hair follicle is made up of a quarter of water. If you do not drink enough water, it will dry out and become dull and brittle. An adult needs 1.5 to 2 litres of moisture per day. If you did not do this already for your health, you now have an extra reason for your health of your longer hair.

Good mild shampoos to make your hair grow faster

Another common cause of slow hair growth is the use of bad hair products. Many of these products contain silicones or harmful chemicals. Silicones do not care for your hair. They just create a layer around the hair. This can also make your hair less colourful. Therefore, use good and mild shampoos of high quality to make your hair grow faster and to stimulate hair growth.

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