Daily use of camouflaging hair fibers

Daily use of camouflaging hair fibers

A quick and inexpensive solution to your hair growth problems are hair fibres. Camouflage bald patches or thinning hair with it, so you don't have to worry throughout the day. But how do you properly apply hair fibre daily, can it be used with other products, and what are they resistant to? We answer all your questions.

What are hair fibers?

Hair fibers are made of keratin, the same natural protein that hair is made of. This makes the hair fibers similar to real hair and invisible to other people. The fibers look like powder, but under the microscope, it can be seen that they are small thin fibers. By means of static electricity, the fibers attach themselves like little magnets to the existing hair. This changes even the thinnest (vellus) hair into a fuller, thicker hair. The hair will therefore look fuller as a whole, and thinner areas will be less visible. There are various brands on the market, such as: Keratain, Beaver and Toppik.

Keratain hair fibers – Black (25 gr)

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Keratain hair fibers are made from organic keratin proteins and make your hair look fuller and thicker within seconds. The hair fibers make your hair look fuller and thicker; all day long.

  • The fibres are completely wind and rain resistant.
  • 7 different colours to match your own hair colour.
  • The hair fibers are completely vegan.

How to use hair fibers?

Hair fibres are easy to apply by holding the can upside down near the place you want to apply it and then shaking it lightly. In seconds, thousands of tiny hair fibres mix with your own hair. When the hair fibres are lightly sprinkled over the hair, the fibres adhere to the hair present. After application, distribute the fibres by lightly patting the hair with your fingertips.

Hair fibres, like styling products, remain in your hair all day after application. They can be washed out with water and shampoo. Hair fibres adhere well to your hair by themselves. Want to achieve optimal results with hair fibres? Then, first use pomade to shape your hair and create thicker-looking hair. The hair fibres adhere optimally to the pomade, creating fuller hair within minutes. In addition, you can use fixing spray after applying hair fibres to improve the adhesion of the fibres to the hair. This also makes the fibres more resistant to wind and rain.

Keratain thickening pomade

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Keratain Thickening Pomade is a premium styling product. Its blend of superior ingredients will have your hair looking fuller and thicker in seconds.

  • The powerful natural peptides boost your hair from within for that thicker and fuller look.
  • The pomade revitalises, rebuilds and strengthens your hair structure and leaves it looking healthier.
  • The pomade features UV protection and is fully vegan.

Can you wash your hair before applying hair fibers?

The hair can be washed before applying the fibers. Make sure that your hair is completely dry when you apply the fibers, so that they can spread well throughout the hair. When you have hair fibers in your hair and you wash your hair, you rinse the fibers out. Also, when you have used the fixing spray, the spray can withstand some wind and rain, but is not resistant to a lot of water.

Combing your hair before or after using hair fibers?

Hair fibre is not just for men. Women can also use it to camouflage bald patches caused by alopecia areata or sudden baldness caused by telogen effluvium. It is recommended to comb the hair into shape before applying the keratin hair fibers. After applying the hair fibers, you can brush the hair superficially and coarsely or comb it with your hands. When using the fixing spray, the hair can be brushed after the spray has dried for a softer-looking result. The spray keeps the fibers in place.

Can you use hair fibers together with gel/styling products?

The combination of gel and hair fibers is possible, but keep in mind that the result may be less beautiful. This is because the hair fibers stick to the hair when applied. If the gel sticks the hair together, there are fewer hairs for the hair fibers to adhere to.

If you use gel, apply it before you apply the hair fibers and let the gel dry well before you start bonding the fibers. If you apply it the other way around, the wet gel will pull the hair fibers away from the hair and the fibers will stick together.

Alternatives such as wax can be used in small quantities after applying the fibers, as this does not make the hair wet or stick together. This does, however, require some dexterity and practice. Hairspray can be used as usual, provided that not too much is used so that the hair becomes damp.

For best results, we recommend using only fixing hairspray. The spray secures the hair fibers to the hair, without wiping them away during application. In addition, the spray will fixate the hair, keeping it in place. The hair fibre fixing sprays in our range also contain ingredients to care for the hair and hair fibers.

Can you use hair fibers in combination with a hair growth stimulating lotion?

When using a hair growth stimulating lotion such as Spectral.DNC-N or Neofollics lotion, first apply the lotion and let it soak in completely. When the hair and scalp are dry, the hair fibers can be applied much better. In addition, the lotion cannot penetrate the scalp as well when fibers are used.

A lotion should be used twice a day. If you use hair fibers in addition to the lotion, we recommend the following routine:

  • Apply the lotion in the morning and let it soak in well.
  • Then apply the hair fibers.
  • Rinse and/or wash your hair before you go to bed. This will wash the fibers out of the hair and prevent them from falling out during the night.
  • Then apply the lotion and go to bed.

Can you swim and exercise with hair fibers?

The hair fibers can wash out or clump when your hair gets too damp. In principle, the fibers can be used for sports, but they are less resistant to heavy perspiration. With the fixing spray, the hair stays in place when wet but, like other styling products, it will wash out when swimming, in a downpour or when perspiring heavily.

Are hair fibers resistant to rain and wind?

In light to moderate rain (and wind), the hair fibers remain in place if you have used the fixing spray. When the spray is not used, the fibers will not simply be blown or rained out of the hair, but the chance is greater. When it rains, the same applies as when washing the hair: the fibers are not resistant to this. After all, at the end of the day or the next morning, you rinse out the hair fibers with water and shampoo.

Can you sleep with hair fibers?

In principle, you can sleep with the hair fibers. However, there is a good chance that hair fibers come loose during sleep and end up on your pillowcase. Our advice is to wash your hair before you go to sleep.

How do you store the hair fibers?

Hair fibers are often used in the bathroom. The advice is to do this when the bathroom is no longer damp from showering. This is because hair fibers are sensitive to moisture during application, which can cause them to clump.

We also recommend that you keep the fibre container tightly closed and dry, preferably outside the bathroom or in a closed cabinet. The can of fibers can be sealed tightly, but in the long run, some moisture can always get into it.

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Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Black (28 gr) - Hair Growth Specialist
Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Black (28 gr) - Hair Growth Specialist
Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Black (28 gr)
Beaver keratin hair building fibers - Black (28 gr)
Camouflaging bald spots/thin hair, 28 gr
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Beaver fiber hold spray (120 ml) - Hair Growth Specialist
Beaver fiber hold spray (120 ml)
Beaver fiber hold spray (120 ml)
Camouflaging bald spots/thin hair, 120 ml
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