What to do about frizzy hair?

What to do about frizzy hair?

Do you suffer from frizzy hair? You are certainly not alone. Even though it is normal and affects a lot of people, we understand that you would like to have a healthy, shiny bunch of hair. We would like to tell you more about what causes frizzy hair, how to prevent it and which products can help you with it!

When do you get frizzy hair (faster)?

Curly hair
As mentioned before, many people suffer from frizzy hair. When you have curly hair, the chances of this are higher. This is because curly hair dries out more quickly and wants to absorb moisture from the environment.

Thin hair
People with thin hair can also suffer from frizzy hair more easily, as the hair does not become heavier. This can cause the hair to become unmanageable and look frizzy.

After chemo
The above can also be seen in people who have had chemotherapy, for example. The new hairs that grow back after chemotherapy are still short and thin. This means that these hairs are not yet weighed down, so they do not fall down. In this situation, the frizzy hair mainly occurs on top of the head. The same applies to people with short hair, or people who use hair growth stimulating products and therefore get new hairs.

Showering too hot
Washing your hair with too hot water dries out the hair shafts (the visible part of the hair), which can lead to dry hair. We fully understand that taking a hot shower can be great, but your hair cuticles don't like it. Don't worry, we are not saying that you should take a cold shower from now on. Simply lowering the temperature by a few degrees can make all the difference!

What to do agianst frizzy hair

What can you do against frizzy hair?

First of all, you can reduce the chance of frizzy hair yourself by making sure that your shower is not too hot and that you use as few hot styling products as possible. There are also many anti-frizz products on the market today. In our opinion, the following products work very well against frizzy hair and might just be a miracle cure for you. Shampoos are good ways to fight frizzy hair. A shampoo opens the hair cuticles so that the active ingredients can be absorbed into the hair. A nourishing shampoo also cares for the scalp and removes grease and dirt from the hair.

The Abyssian deep hydration shampoo and conditioner gently cleanses your scalp, without removing all the natural moisture in the hair shaft. Styling tools and chemical treatments can seriously damage the quality of your hair. Keeping hair moisturized can help repair breakage and reduce split ends.


Abyssian silk milk leave-in conditioner (250 ml)

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The silk milk leave-in conditioner from the Super Repair range from Abyssian Haircare is the perfect care for unruly and frizzy hair. The unique bi-phase formula, enriched with Abyssinian oil, detangles the hair and gives it a natural shine. The Abyssinian silk milk can be used on any hair color and is sulphate, phosphate and paraben-free.


Nia Fix hair mask

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Nia Fix Instant Bond and Cuticle Restructuring System is a revolutionary bond restructuring and advanced cuticle restoring two-step treatment that transforms damaged/treated hair into softer, stronger, healthier, more vibrant looking hair. It physically repairs bonds and the cuticle from the inside out thanks to its two-step treatment.

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