Biotin for healthy hair: here's how it works

Biotin for healthy hair: here's how it works

Biotin for your hair (vitamin B8)

Eating good and healthy food is already important for your health, but the nutrition you ingest also has an effect on your hair and hair growth. A common reason for poor hair condition or hair loss is a lack of essential vitamins. The most important vitamin that can help you fight your battle with hair loss is biotin. Also called vitamin B8 or vitamin H, it helps keep hair and skin healthy. So getting enough biotin is essential for maintaining healthy hair.

What is biotin?

Vitamins are nutrients found in our food and drink. They are essential for our digestion by helping convert our food into energy and other nutrients. The body does not make its own vitamins (with some exceptions) so it is essential to get enough of them. Scurvy is a well-known example of a disease caused by vitamin C deficiency.

Several vitamins are important for different aspects of the body. For instance, biotin helps release energy from our food and is important for normal nervous system function. In addition, it helps maintain normal skin and hair.

Lack of biotin

Rocky Balboa did have to be careful with his iconic training for that important boxing match. Because by eating those glasses of raw eggs, he could suffer a vitamin B8 deficiency. This is because raw chicken eggs contain a substance called avidin that attaches itself to biotin. This prevents your body from absorbing biotin. Biotin deficiency is actually rare in the Netherlands. But if you get too little of it, it is not good for your skin and hair. It can lead to skin abnormalities, fatigue and anaemia.

Vitamin B8 is found to varying degrees in many foods. So a healthy person who eats enough in a day will generally get enough biotin. Good sources for it are soy products, nuts (especially almonds, hazelnuts), peanuts (a legume), eggs and milk. Vitamin B8 is even found in high levels in organ meats.

If you want to make sure you get enough biotin, it is advisable to take supplements that contain biotin. This is because the body absorbs supplements a lot better. There is no need to worry about a surplus of vitamin B8. It is a water-soluble vitamin of which you simply urinate out any excess.

Does biotin have any disadvantages?

No convincing evidence has been found that an excess of biotin can be harmful. Thus, there are no limits set within the European Union on the maximum allowed amount of biotin in supplements. Since biotin is water-soluble, the body does not store a surplus. However, as with all supplements, in special circumstances such as pregnancy or a medical condition, it is wise to discuss taking biotin with a doctor.

Biotin against hair loss: when will I see results?

Most people who take supplemental biotin against hair loss will not see any noticeable changes in the first few months. When it comes to hair growth, patience is a virtue. For best results, you need to be consistent in your use and be patient.
People do report that biotin makes hair fuller and stronger quickly.

What biotin treatment do we recommend?

Biotin supplements
Increasing your biotin intake by eating biotin-rich foods is a bit tricky. We understand that not everyone is a fan of organ meats and it does not always fit well with someone's diet. That's why it's easier to supplement your diet with supplements. Not only does it have a positive effect on hair growth, but so daily intake of biotin can also improve the health of your skin and nails. An added benefit of the supplements in our range is that they are full of other caring vitamins and nutrients. For example, Neofollics' supplements are also completely vegan and gluten-free.

Neofollics tablets

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Neofollics hair growth supporting tablets contain an effective combination of only the best, natural ingredients that stimulate healthy hair growth from within.

Foligain biotin supplement

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Foligain Biotin supplements support healthier looking hair, skin and nails form within. These supplements contain a high dose of biotin for maximum result. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is involved in the growth processes and synthesis of certain proteins in the body. 

Shampoos and conditioners containing biotin
Shampoos and conditioners containing biotin condition with proteins that work well against hair damage and split ends. The biotin in these shampoos and conditioners can improve the status of hair in several ways. Not only does biotin thicken the hair, it can also improve hair elasticity, make hair stronger and prevent hair damage. Using a conditioner that contains biotin alongside it completes the treatment. Conditioners condition the hair, moisturise it and also stimulate hair growth.

Revita shampoo + conditioner combination pack (205 ml)

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Get an extra discount by ordering both Revita shampoo and the best conditioner to go with it: Revita conditioner.

Revita shampoo is one of the most known and effective shampoos to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. The shampoo also ensures a healthy scalp and thicker, healthier hair.

Veta shampoo (250 ml)

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The Veta hair growth stimulating shampoo is an ideal shampoo for men and women with starting hair loss. The shampoo is designed for people with hereditary hair loss, hormonal hair loss and hair loss due to stress. The shampoo also provides thicker, longer and voluminous looking hair. Veta shampoo contains several scientifically proven ingredients that stimulate hair growth in multiple ways.

Neofollics conditioner

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The hair growth stimulating conditioner by Neofollics Hair Technology contains many high-quality ingredients in a high dosage, making it a rich, caring conditioner. The conditioner nourishes the hair and scalp, resulting in healthier, stronger and shinier hair. In addition, the conditioner has a hair growth stimulating effect.

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