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Quantity discount

When you order a larger number of products, you will get a discount on your order. This is referred to as ‘quantity discount’. You already receive a discount when you have an order of 2 products or more.

The number of products you order determines how big the discount will be. It doesn't matter whether you order 2 identical products or 2 different products. A combination package counts as 1 products. Products already in discount don't get quantity discount but has a fixed high discount.

The displayed discount percentage is valid for all products in your shopping cart.

  Quantity discount
2 products 10 %
3 products (and more) 15 %

Product prices with quantity discount immediately visible

On our website, you can immediately see how much you would pay for a product, if you were to add this product to your shopping basket:

  1. A yellow bar appears at the top of the page, stating the discount you would receive if you would add an extra product to your basket. This notification pops up once you have 1 (or more) products in your shopping cart.
  2. In the color yellow you see the price of the product including the quantity discount, i.e. the price you would pay if you would add this product to your order. So you can instantly see how much you would pay for an extra product.
  3. If you hover over the number of products you would like to order (“Choose your quantity”), you will once again be able to see the price including the quantity discount.

Quantity discount in combination with discount promotions

When there is a discount promotion on our website, in most cases the quantity discount does not apply, unless stated otherwise.