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HGS MSM powder (500 grams)

€ 17.95
€ 17.95
€ 17.95
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MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane) is a form of sulfur and is an essential component of our skin, connective tissue, hair, joints and nails. MSM has many positive qualities and can, among other things, promote hair growth, mobility and the maintenance of supple muscles, joints and skin.

The Hair Growth Specialist only offers the powder form of MSM, since this is the purest form. Tablets consist largely of filler and binder, up to 25%. Such additions are useless for the body, but are therefore no less stressful, and reduce both the recording and the recording speed. Our MSM powder is completely free of additives, so it also contains no fillers, binders and anti-caking agents.

99.91% pure MSM

Contents: 500 grams

Packed in a reasealable stand up pouch

Sorry, we currently do not offer this product.

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You can take 1 - 3 teaspoons (4-16 grams) daily by dissolving the MSM powder in (fruit) juice or water and drinking it.

MSM powder can be used together with the nutritional supplements (and other products) in our range to improve the health and quality of the hair.


Suitable for: Men and women
A good treatment for: All types of hair loss
Method: Promoting scalp health, Nutrients for healthy hair growth
Contents (gr.): 500
Average usage: 4 months
Recommended usage: 1x per day

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Do you want to know which product best suits your situation?

HGS MSM powder (500 grams) reviews

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Good result
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Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

Msm daily dissolve a dessert spoon in hot water. After a few months I noticed less hair loss and less pain in my joints.

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I'm just beginning to use it, especially for my hair that is thin and lifeless. I've read that you have to build up the intake so I start with 1 to 2 gr. per day for 1 week. Then I will try 2 to 4 gr per week. However, I wonder if this is organic or synthetic. The synthetic MSM supposedly does not work. I have asked The Hair Growth Specialist, but have not yet received an answer. So 3 stars for the fast service. I can not say much about the product yet.

We have sent you a private message. The MSM powder is organic sulfur but almost all MSM is also synthetic, because it is made in a factory.

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Am 70 years old and have been using products from the hair growth specialist for several years, including the MSM powder. I had white hair which was thin and lifeless, since I use MSM powder my hair is much healthier, shiny and easy to comb.

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Hello! I am a woman of 69 years and have suffered from CFS since my 25th year. This comes with it a lot of inflammations, as well as stubborn fungi on nails and toes, hair loss and jitters in the throat with a lot of coughing. Since 6 months I take MSM powder. A level coffee spoon in a glass of water a day in the morning on the fasted stomach.Currently my fungal nails have already been half renewed and the itching is gone between the toes.I have less problems with inflammation and the green things from my lungs have come loose and spewed out and I can breathe better. My hair does not fall out either anymore. MSM powder is inexpensive and has no side effects. It cleansed my body and I'm very satisfied. Thanks MSM!

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By antibiotics many complaints, of which hair loss is not even the worst. Partly due to Msm, slowly less complaints and a full head of hair like before the use of antibiotics. Other people with inflammatory symptoms, and so on, I have also pointed to Msm and also they experienced an improvement in a very wide variety of complaints.

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I am very satisfied with the product. Now I use it for two weeks and already new hair growth.

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I use MSM for some time every morning a dessert spoon, only still can not get used to the bitter taste. But I take it for granted because it has a very positive effect on my hair loss less painful joints. The worth considering using results after a few weeks.

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I like this product very much. The supplied MSM is very pure. I use it for detoxing, in combination with vitamin C. Twice daily 10 grams of MSM and 4,000 mg of vitamin C. Dosage is very personal. After just one week astonishing results: in wellbeing and physical condition. Positive impact on hair and nails is a pleasant side effect. How simple can it be!

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MSM powder has a bitter taste. I dissolve it in yogurt instead of water. Fine quality and neatly packed in a handy pouches.

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