The Dutch Hair Foundation

Together against hair problems: The Hair Growth Specialist receives support from the Dutch Hair Foundation

The Hair Growth Specialist, a leading online platform in the business of hair health, announces a promising partnership with the Dutch Hair Foundation, a renowned organisation in the fight against hair problems. The collaboration between the two organisations promises innovative solutions in the field of hair health and care.

Strong partnership for better hair health

The cooperation between The Hair Growth Specialist and the Dutch Hair Foundation forms a valuable step towards more hair health for all those affected by hair loss and anyone suffering from hair problems. The ANBI-registered NGO Dutch Hair Foundation, headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, has many years of experience and expertise in treating and advising hair loss patients, while the platform The Hair Growth Specialist has been a recognized player in the hair care sector since its founding in 2011, offering a wide range of high-quality hair loss products and expert advisory services. The combined strength of the two organisations helps to provide even better help to people suffering from hair problems.

"We are thrilled to have the support of the Dutch Hair Foundation," reports Rene Huijsman, one of the founders of The Hair Growth Specialist. "This partnership will allow us to bring even more effective solutions to the public for people with hair problems. We share the same vision of improving the quality of life for those affected and helping them feel confident and happy."

Great opportunity for people affected by hair problems

Hair loss affects millions of people worldwide, from hereditary hair loss to conditions such as alopecia totalis and hair problems after chemotherapy. This condition is often accompanied by severe emotional distress. The partnership between the two pioneers in the field of hair health makes it possible to provide even more people with reliable information on how to deal with hair problems by working with dermatologists, hair transplant clinics, hair restoration companies, hairdressers and psychologists, among others. In this way, individual solutions can be created to better understand the causes of hair loss and develop effective countermeasures. Together, The Hair Growth Specialist and the Dutch Hair Foundation are committed to improving the lives of those who suffer from hair problems and giving them back the self-confidence that comes with full and healthy hair.

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