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Personal advice

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Which shampoo suits you best? Regenepure DR vs. Revita vs. Neofollics shampoo

We often receive questions about the differences between our most popular hair growth stimulating shampoos Revita, Regenepure DR and Neofollics. In order to be able to answer this, we will compare these three shampoos on their most important aspects.

We start with the important properties in a handy overview. Next, we give advice on which shampoo suits you best. If you would like more explanation about the differences, you can read them in our extensive, point by point comparison.


  Neofollics Revita Regenepure DR
Ketoconazole / Piroctone olamine 1% Piroctone olamine   1% Ketoconazole
DHT-inhibitors Ecklonia cava
Panax Ginseng
Caffeine Saw Palmetto
Zinc Oxide
Other active ingredients Raspberry ketone
Carthamus tinctorius
Sanguisorba officinalis
Niacinamide (vit. B3)

Argan oil
Wild mint oil
Procyanidin B2
Niacinamide (vit. B3)
Rooibos tea
Copper peptides

Emu oil
Niacinamide (vit. B3)
Pyridoxine HCL (vit. B6)
L-Panthenol (vit. B5)
Aloe Vera
Vitamin C

Emu oil
Jojoba oil  
Manufacturer Neofollics DS Laboratories Salonceuticals
Package 250 ml

Dutch and English package
205 ml

English package
224 ml

English package
Recommended use Suitable for daily use.
In case of dry hair, a lower frequency is recommended.

At least 3 times per week.
Suitable for daily use.

At least 5 times per week.
Suitable for daily use.
In case of dry hair, a lower frequency is recommended.

At least 3 times per week.
Operation Effective against hair loss in all stages.

Very effective against dandruff, flakes, itch.
Effective against hair loss, especially preventive and in early stage of hair loss. Effective against hair loss in all stages.

Very effective against dandruff, flakes, itch.
Color and scent Green color
Smells like mint
Orange color
Smells like pomegranate
Mint green color
Smells like peppermint

Which shampoo suits you best?

Revita shampoo, Neofollics shampoo and Regenepure DR are the three best shampoos for the treatment of hair loss. No comparative study has been conducted on these shampoos, so it is not possible to objectively state which shampoo is better. The choice between these shampoos often depends on the type of hair and the degree of hair loss. In addition, other factors may help in making a choice, such as the scent and substance of the shampoo, the packaging and the price.

Ketoconazole and Piroctone olamine
Regenepure DR contains 1% Ketconazole and Neofollics shampoo contains 1% Piroctone olamine. These ingredients are effective against dandruff and have a hair growth stimulating effect. When the ingredients Ketoconazole and Piroctone olamine are compared, 1% of Piroctone olamine turns out to have a slightly better effect on hair growth than 1% of Ketoconazole. Neofollics shampoo contains 1% of Piroctone olamine and may therefore be a little more effective than Regenepure DR. Revita doesn't contain Ketoconazole or Piroctone olamine (but other ingredients for a healthy scalp) and is therefore considered less effective against dandruff.

Other active ingredients
All three shampoos contain a unique combination of active ingredients. The effectiveness of these combinations depends on many factors. Unfortunately there are no comparative studies on these shampoos. What we can state based on the ingredients however, is that Neofollics shampoo contains a few more DHT inhibiting ingredients. Moreover, Neofollics shampoo contains many other ingredients that actively stimulate hair growth. For example Raspberry ketone, which increases the production of the growth factor IGF-1.

Many active ingredients in Regenepure DR and Revita do not directly focus on stimulating hair growth, but rather on making the scalp healthier and stimulating the blood circulation.


  • Preventive and early stage of hair loss: Revita shampoo
  • Moderate to advanced stage of hair loss: Regenepure DR or Neofollics shampoo.
    Based on the number of active ingredients that actively target hair loss, Neofollics shampoo is most likely to give the best results.

If you would like more explanation about the differences, you can read them in our point by point comparison below.

If you have any questions or you would like personal advice before making your decision, feel free to contact us any time.

Ingredients and composition

Ketoconazole and Piroctone olamine
An important and well known ingredient in hair growth shampoos in Ketoconazole. Ketoconazole is effective against dandruff and fungi and has a proven effect on hair loss. Regenepure DR contains 1% of Ketoconazole. Piroctone Olamine has a similar effect as Ketoconazole. Research has shown that Piroctone Olamine scores even better than Ketoconazole when it comes to stimulating hair growth. Neofollics shampoo contains 1% of Piroctone Olamine. Read more about the research on Ketoconazole vs. Piroctone Olamine.

DHT inhibitors
All three shampoos contain a large variety of (natural) ingredients that have a positive effect on hair growth in their own distinct way. An important mechanism of action is inhibiting dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT can damage the hair follicles and is therefore the most important cause of hereditary hair loss.

Neofollics shampoo contains the highest amount of DHT inhibiting ingredients, Revita shampoo the lowest. Ingredients that inhibit DHT are for example Saw Palmetto, Ecklonia Cava and Caffeine. Various of these do not only have a DHT inhibiting effect, but also stimulate hair growth in different ways.

Other hair growth stimulating ingredients
Apart from inhibiting DHT, hair growth can be stimulated in different ways. For example, by stimulating certain growth factors that influence hair growth. By improving the health of the scalp, the hair may also start growing better. That is why many of our shampoos contain ingredients such as antioxidants and vitamins to improve the health of the scalp.

The three shampoos were all composed based on scientific research on the effectiveness of each ingredient on hair growth and/or health of the hair. Each shampoo uses its own unique combination of active ingredients. The effectiveness of these combinations depends on various factors: the dosage, the combination with other ingredients, individual sensitivities, etc. Unfortunately, no comparative studies have been conducted on these shampoos. This makes it impossible to make an exact judgment on how effect a shampoo is. What we can do, is indicate what is known about the various ingredients based on scientific studies.

Looking at the active ingredients in the shampoos, Neofollics shampoo contains many ingredients that stimulate hair growth through other means than inhibiting DHT. Such as Raspberry ketone, which may increase the production of the growth factor IGF-1, which in turn stimulates the growth of the hair follicle.

The hair growth stimulating ingredients in Regenepure DR and Revita consist mostly of ingredients that improve the health of the scalp so that the hair starts growing better and stronger, such as vitamins and amino acids.

Nourishing ingredients
Revita is the most nourishing shampoo; it contains many ingredients to make the scalp healthy and to nourish it, such as amino acids and antioxidants. In turn, Regenepure DR contains many vitamins and nourishing oils. Neofollics shampoo contains many plant based ingredients, including two nourishing oils.

All of our shampoos are also free of SLS and other sulfates, silicones, and parabens. This ensures that the condition of the scalp is improved and the hair becomes greasy less easily. Therefore, the shampoos lather less strongly than shampoos with SLS.

Operation against dandruff

All three shampoos work against dandruff and flakes and contain ingredients that improve the condition of the scalp. The ingredients that help with this are Ketoconazole and Piroctone olamine. Research shows that both ingredients have the same effect on combating dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis and itching. Seeing as Revita shampoo contains no Ketoconazole, it is to be expected that this shampoo is less effective for people with dandruff.

Dryer hair

Ketoconazole and Piroctone olamine may dry out the hair a little. Regenepure DR and Neofollics shampoo contain Ketoconazole / Piroctone olamine, making the chance of dryer hair a little bit bigger than with Revita shampoo. If this is the case, we recommend to lower the frequency of use. Do not wash the hair on the other days or wash it using a different, milder shampoo without Ketoconazole (for example Regenepure NT). Keep in mind that all shampoos are only effective when used at least 3 times a week. Revita shampoo is milder and can easily be used on a daily basis. Revita shampoo is effective starting from 5 times per week.

In case of dry hair, a conditioner can also be of great help. This may be a conditioner that also contains hair growth stimulating ingredients, such as Revita conditioner, Regenepure biotin conditioner or Neofollics conditioner, or a nourishing conditioner like Keratin thickening conditioner.

Characteristics of the shampoos

Regenepure DR and Neofollics shampoo both have a scent of fresh mint. Revita smells like pomegranate. Regenepure and Neofollics have a green color, Revita is orange.

Regular shampoos contain SLS. This strong cleaning agent has a strong degreasing effect and lathers a lot. Our shampoos are free of SLS. Because of this, they do not lather as much as regular shampoos. For all three shampoos it is recommended to wash the hair twice. The first time to remove the dirt from the hair, the second time to allow the active ingredients to soak in well. This will benefit lathering, because the hair is less greasy when washing it a second time.

Regenepure DR comes in a bottle of 224 ml, Neofollics shampoo contains 250 ml and Revita 205 ml. Calculated per 250 ml Neofollics shampoo is the most competitively priced.

Customer satisfaction

When it comes to customer satisfaction, all shampoos score equally well. Revita and Regenepure DR have been on the market for a number of years and therefore a more well known. Neofollics shampoo has been launched in late 2015 and therefore is less widely known. However, in a short time, this shampoo has become one of our best-selling products, with a high customer rating.