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Personal advice

Do you want to know which product best suits your situation?

How long will it take to see the result of your treatment?

We are regularly asked how long a hair growth product must be used in order to notice an effect. This is an important question because it is essential to have realistic expectations.

Hoe snel groeit haar?

In average, the hair grows 1,25 cm per month. In 'problem areas' growth is slower. Furthermore, hair follicles can be in the resting phase for a while, meaning some of the hairs aren't growing at all. With hereditary hair loss, even more than half of the hairs could be in the resting phase.  

The most important effect of hair growth products, like Revita, Regenepure, Spectral, and Foligain, is to reduce this resting phase of the hair roots and its follicles. This results in a larger part of the hair roots being in growing phase again. As months pass by, more and more hairs start to grow again and continue to do so for longer than before.

Therefore, hair growth is a slow process. A realistic term to evaluate the effect is 3 to 6 months. The full effect will only be visible after 12 months. 

So, patience is essential. Since results are only visible after several months, it is vital to continue a treatment for at least several months with the same intensity. It will require discipline to persist if results are lacking, or if loss of hair even continues.  Even so, perseverance is the only way to control hair loss.

Putting together an appropriate treatment

For satisfactory results, it is obviously important to use the right products. A good treatment is tailored firstly to the type of hair loss, secondly to the degree of hair loss and thirdly to personal preferences.

Which (combination of) products best suits your situation can be found in our article 'What to do about hair loss'.

Not sure what to do? Ask us for personal advice or contact us.

Because we know that awaiting results can be hard, we like to give some tips:

  • Make a plan. Decide in advance how long you want to try a product and stick to this plan.
  • Gradual and slow changes are hard to notice when you monitor them daily. Check the growth of hair only once a month. Making pictures can help with this.
  • Especially when you have long hair, the new, short hairs can be difficult to see. If you let other people check your progress, that might notice the differences better.
  • Be realistic. Follicles need time to grow new hairs. And hairs need time to grow long.