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Hair care

Healthy and strong hair requires good hair care. Our hair care products are chosen for their highest quality. They bring your hair and scalp in optimal condition and do not contain harsh ingredients. With our nourishing shampoos & conditioners, hair masks, scrubs, serums and oils, the hair will look visibly healthier again.

The products by Abyssian Haircare with Abyssinian oil are developed to nourish for your hair and scalp. The high-quality Abyssinian oil repairs broken or brittle hair and reduces split ends with the help of fatty acids. Research has shown that Abyssinian oil reduces hair breakage by up to 93%.

The Dandrene anti-dandruff shampoo and anti-dandruff conditioner are extremely suitable for combating serious dandruff and flakes.

For visibly healthier and fuller hair, we recommend the Keratin shampoo and Keratin conditioner from Beaver Professional. Like all other products in this product category, they can also be used in combination with hair growth stimulating products.