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Hair growth stimulating nutritional supplements
At drugstores, there are numerous nutritional supplements for better hair growth for sale. The effect of these nutritional supplements is often only based on vitamins and minerals. They contain no ingredients that reduce DHT or otherwise stimulate hair growth.

Neofollics tablets, Regenepure biotin capsules and Revita tablets offer a complete formulation to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss and allow hair to grow healthy and vigorously. These supplements contain various active ingredients such as saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, nettle extract and biotin.

Nutritional supplements against grey hair
For the prevention of grey hair, there are nutritional supplements that contain the enzyme catalase: Neofollics anti-grey hair tablets and Absonutrix anti-grey. The absence of Catalase causes a chain reaction, due to which the hair becomes grey. In addition, these supplements contain nutrients for promoting fuller, healthier and thicker hair, such as biotin, vitamin B6, zinc and beta-sitosterol. Read more about the formation of grey hair.

Healthier hair: MSM powder
MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane) is a form of organic sulphur that acts like a building block for the protein of the hair (Keratin). Research shows that MSM helps to make hair thicker and shinier and makes hair grow faster. MSM powder can be added to all hair growth stimulating products, including nutritional supplements, to improve the health and quality of hair.