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Revita shampoo (925ml) - 1l anticalvizie  litre sweden

Revita shampoo (925ml)

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€ 85
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    • Are you looking for the new formula (205 ml) of Revita shampoo? This new formula is also available in our webshop. The new formula contains no ketoconazole.

Revita shampoo is one of the most known and effective shampoos to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. The shampoo also ensures a healthy scalp and thicker, healthier hair.

Content: 925 ml

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Description Revita shampoo (925ml)

Revita shampoo contains a unique combination of active ingredients specially designed to stimulate the vitality and health of the hair and scalp. It prevents hair loss and improves the quality and thickness of the hair.

The shampoo is gentle to hair and scalp. The hair feels thicker and softer after frequent use and the shampoo soothes the scalp. Revita shampoo is suitable for the treatment of all types of hair loss.

The shampoo contains, among others, procyanidin B2, a powerful antioxidant. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and copper peptides improve the blood circulation. Caffeine works as an inhibitor of follicle testosterone. The amino acids ornithine, taurine and cysteine provide a structural function to the hair and elasticity to the hair follicle.

Active ingredients: apple polyphenol, cafeine, rooibos tea, taurine, copper peptides, MSM, carnitine, cysteine, spin traps, biotin, ornithine, emu oil, ketoconazole


With Revita shampoo you can contribute to a more healthy hair growth with multiple types of hair loss.

Results of Revita shampoo on male hair growthResults of Revita shampoo on female hair growth

What do experts say?

Dr. Antonella Tosti, professor of Dermatology at the University of Miami, is a globally recognized expert in the field of hair disorders. According to her, Revita is:

“this is the best shampoo to prevent and treat hair loss. It delivers caffeine that stimulates hair growth and also counteracts the negative effects of testosterone on the hair follicles. If you lose more hair than normal or you feel that your hair is getting thinner Revita is the right shampoo for you. ”



Revita shampoo is a mild but intensive shampoo, intended for the treatment of all types of hair loss. We recommend using Revita shampoo to prevent hair loss, to treat hair loss in an early stage and / or when you desire healthier, thicker hair.

Apply Revita with a gentle massage on wet hair. Leave it for one to two minutes before rinsing. Repeat and leave on the hair for three to five minute and finally rinse.

For optimal results, Revita shampoo should be used at least five times per week.

If desired, follow with Revita.COR conditioner.


Deionized water, sodium cocoylisethionate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, cocoamodopropyl, hydroxysutaine, sodium laury sulfoacetate, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate,  cocamide mea, cocoamodopropylamine oxide, niacinamide, ainc gluconate, calcium panthothenate, PEG-12 dimethicone, polyquaternium-11, hydrolyzed soy protein, aspalathus linearis (rooibos) leaf extract, caffine, cinnamidopropyltrimonium chloride, emu oil, ethylene glycol distearate, PEG 150 distearate, lactose, DI-PPG-2 myreth-10 adipate, polyquaternium-70, amodimethicone, C11-15 pareth-7, laureth-9, trideceth-12, hydrolyzed soy protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein, wheat amino acid, milk protein, polyqueaternium 10, tetra sodium edta, dipropylene glycol, copper tripeptide, procyanidin B-2, etoconazole, citrulline, ornithine HCL, arctium majus root extract, acetyl tyrosine, acetyl cysteine, acetyl methionine, inositol, arginine, butylated hydroxytoluene, panax ginseng root extract, glucosamine HCL, biotin, panthenyl ethyl ether, sodium citrate, taurine, dimethyl sulfone (MSM), polysorbate 20, gragrance, ethylbisiminomethylguauacol manganese chloride (EUK-134), FD&C organge, citric acid, methyl chloro isothiazolinone, methyl isothiazolinone, magnesium chloride,


Brand:DS Laboratories
Suitable for: Men and women
A good treatment for: Hereditary hair loss (AGA), All types of hair loss
Method: DHT inhibiting, Anti-inflammatory, Promoting scalp health
Contents (ml): 925
Average usage: 10 months
Recommended usage: 5x per week

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Revita shampoo (925ml) reviews

Are you using this product yourself? Share your experience.
On a scale of 1 to 10 my satisfaction level is a 10.
From from Vista on
Frequency of use: 2 times a day | More than a year

I have been using the product along with the conditioner and DNC N for 3 years and even at this juncture continue to see new hair growth on a continuing basis. Most people seeing my hair would likely conclude I would never need to use a product like this, and that is the point isn't it? My hair was starting to recede at the corners 3 years ago and my hair stylist suggested I try these products. I had never even considered anything like it at the time but decided to do it anyway. Now looking back I did not realize the loss I was experiencing at the time. Within about two weeks I started to see new fuzzy little hairs growing which then transitioned into them becoming full strong strands later and this has continued for 3 years running. Here is my regimen. Every morning I take a full cold shower using Revita shampoo and conditioner, making sure at the end I get extra cold water on my hair. You could probably skip the cold water until the very end and just put it on your hair but I like the other benefits of it not related to hair. There are several health benefits to this and now hair growth companies are starting to realize this. I am convinced this has enhanced my results. I then apply the DNC N 3 total sprays, one left corner one right corner one center and massage in while hair is wet and let dry naturally. At night I use Revita Shampoo applying a small amount to the areas I am going to spray and lather it up then rinse, and apply the DNC the same way I do in the morning and let dry naturally. I have not missed a single treatment in 3 years, why would I with the results it gets. My hair stylist says I have to be the gold standard for results, she laughs every time she sees me now. The problem she thinks is most people are not disciplined enough. They probably apply it for a few months not completely following the rules, then move on to the next miracle cure. I still cannot believe how well this product works. I will continue to buy and use this product for the rest of my life. I debated using my real name so I used an alias but might re-consider that if it would help enough people get the results I have. This is not a BS story it is real.

Satisfait mais dommage que le nouveau revita contient pas du kétoconazole
From on
Frequency of use: | 1 to 2 months

Satisfait mais dommage que le nouveau revita contient pas du kétoconazole :((( donc J ai peur d acheter a nouveau

DS Laboratories has indeed chosen not to include the 0.25% Ketoconazole in the new formulation, since Revita shampoo is now sold worldwide and some countries consider Ketoconazole shampoos as a medicine against dandruff. There must then be complied with additional legislation for medicines. Without the low dose of Ketoconazole Revita shampoo can be freely sold anywhere. In addition, the Ketoconazole mainly had an anti-fungal purpose, the hair growth stimulating effect of the new Revita shampoo remained the same. You can buy the product with confidence.

From from Alkmaar on
Frequency of use: | More than a year

I use Revita shampoo for about two years to full satisfaction, the shampoo gives volume and firmness without drying my hair, my hair feels thicker. A must!

From from Oirschot on
Frequency of use: Daily | More than a year

Meets expectations. Certainly have the impression that the hair loss is considerably slowed by using this shampoo

From on
Frequency of use: | 1 to 2 months

I use the shampoo + conditioner for a month now, in combination with the neofollics tablets. I can not really say that my hair loss is less. Sometimes after i wash my hair i even feel it has become worse.. maybe that the hair loss first gets worse and then reduces. I hope so ! I will continue to use the shampoo + conditioner!

Dear Maxime, With every treatment for hair loss there is a (small) chance that a light hair loss occurs at the beginning of the treatment. This is called shedding and this happens because hair roots are suddenly stimulated to start growing. Old hair, recognizable by the white 'ball' at the end, is then released. Do not worry, it should stop within a few weeks.

From from Nl on

Fine shampoo. No more problems with dandruff. Use it in combination with Neofolics lotion against hair loss. With consistent use (1 x in the evening) of this product I notice that there is significantly less hair loss / more growth. The disadvantage is that it feels like gel when you apply it. Therefore, only use it in the evening so that I can take a shower in the morning (shampoo not necessary).

From from Nederland on

One of the best products is revita! After 2 weeks the hair immediately feels fuller, only a big disappointment that no minoxidil is sold, so in other words I find it quite ridiculous that I always have to walk in at a pharmacy just for a bottle of Minoxidil.

Minoxidil is a registered medicine, so webshops are not allowed to sell lotions with Minoxidil. Fortunately, there are good other lotions available that work just as well or even better and have fewer side effects than Minoxidil.

From from Amsterdam on

Use the Revita Shampoo for some time now. What I notice is that my hair loss is limited to the minimum. I do not know if new hair is growing but my hair is now holding the same volume. And I'm 50+ :-) Have just given a bottle of gift to my mother in law. I'm curious about her experience later on.

From from Zwijnaarde Belgie on

Previously I used many expensive products for my thinning hair. Since I have discovered the revita shampoo and conditioner, my hair is a 100% improved, the hair loss has stopped very quickly after about 2 weeks and new hairs appear. This I never dared to expect. I am very satisfied and hope that I can buy them for a long time from you.

From from Hilversum on

After my pregnancy, my hair started to fall out very badly. Especially at the front you saw my scalp though it. I started unsing revita shampoo and conditioner and now almost a year later I have a lot of new hair and my hair is thicker than before my pregnancy. It's healthy, does not break and hair loss is less. I always had thin and fragile hair, but I finally feel that it is in better condition and stronger. Indeed, do not expect miracles but it definitely helps me.

From from Leeuwarden on

I'm 22 years old and since about a year and a half ago I have minor hair loss, which runs in the family. Have ordered and used Revita and Spectral DNC-N for several months now. I note that hair loss has fallen back. But also sure that there is regrowth of hair on the sides. It is also advisable not to expect any miracles of the products themselves. What is very important is that you are also using good nutrition and are committed to it. For example, it is recommended to massage your scalp daily for about 10 minutes to promote scalp stimulation. What I especially notice about the Revita shampoo is makes your hair look fuller. A very good addition for men with thinning temples.

From from België on

We ordered the large size of 500ml and can use it for a year with two people. Before this we ordered 180ml. I'm a 30-year-old woman and was suffering from stress which made my hair thinner. I have been using the shampoo for two years now, alternately with another nourishing shampoo because my hair becomes dry and stiff because of the revita shampoo. A caring balm and mask are definitely needed. My hair dresser also notes that I've got a lot of new hairs. I often lose those short hairs, so I wonder if they grow into long thick hairs because the new hair stays thin and about 10cm. My husband also uses the shampoo and is satisfied with it. His hair is not thinning, but a full head of hair should not be expected of this shampoo. He cannot work miracles!!!

Revita shampoo is a mild hair growth stimulating shampoo. We advise this shampoo to use preventively against hair loss or in an early stage of hair loss. When hair loss is already visible, we recommend extending the treatment with a lotion and / or supplement. Check out our (general) advisory table or ask us for a personal advice: https://www.hgspecialist.com/informatie/blog/90.what-to-do-about-hair-loss

From from Eindhoven on

I'm very happy with it. My hair looks a bit thicker.

From from Zeist on

Use Revita for a long time. It helps quite quickly. With dry hair you can easily skip a day and use a different shampoo. Product is on the pricey side, but it lasts long.

From from Duitsland on

Use it for a few years, it makes my hair stronger, I really feel that this is an effective shampoo.

From from Groningen on

I used the 180ml for just over a year. That is less than 2.5 euro per month including shipping. My first impression was that it mostly is a very nice shampoo. But does it work? I have a gap on my crown and thinning hair on top. That gap has remained about the same. With a little imagination it may have become smaller or less thin. And with even more more fantasy on top somewhat thicker. So maybe the shampoo stops the process or delays it but the gap is definitely not filled. I did not expect this to happen (but you never know :)). There are of course other factors such as stress and alcohol consumption that will have an effect. So use it? Yes I just ordered again so I have sufficient confidence. (Male 32)

When the crown is clearly (becoming) thinner, it is recommended to use a lotion or a foodsupplement, in addition to the shampoo. A shampoo is a good basic treatment, especially for preventive use or starting her loss. In a moderately advanced stage (clearly balding crown and / or inlets) a combination of several products is recommended. Especially when regrowth of lost hair is desired. We have had contact with this customer to give him a personal advice.

From from Nederland on

Today I received Revita shampoo and cor and I immediately tried it out. My hair felt thicker immediately, I really recommend this.

From from Den Haag on

Use this shampoo and conditioner for about a year and my hair seems fuller. The conditioner makes it nice and soft. Good stuff, just a little bit pricey...

From from Den Haag on

I'm 33 years old, female. I had thick curly hair until I noticed it was getting thinner about a year ago. Daily in the shower, I lost so much hair that it was just shocking. I was very worried that I would not have any hair left in a while. I had bare spots here and there. After a lot of searching on google and for reviews, I ended on this site and this shampoo. The first 3 weeks I noticed little difference, but then the hair loss is really drastically reduced to almost nothing and still is. Because of this I now have so many little hairs back. I use it for a year now and am very happy. Shampoo is very economical. Furthermore, I'm very happy about this site. Orders are delivered within 24 hours and products are always in stock. In addition to the shampoo I use vitamin pills and Spectral CSF which is specifically for women. These two products with the shampoo ensure optimal results.

From from België on

I use the shampoo for three weeks now. Hair loss is slightly reduced, my hair has become more fuller and it shines. I wash my hair every other day now and use the Regenepure Biotin conditioner, because otherwise my hair was too dry. I'm curious about the result after a few months of use!

From from Nederland on

Fast delivery and good shampoo. A little expensive but the hair growth specialist can do little about that

From from Zeist on

Use this shampoo for about 1 year. Hair loss is reduced from the beginning. You do super long with a bottle of 180 ml. A conditioner, I do not use because it is good immediately after washing and blow-drying slightly. Ordering and delivery without problems. For questions you can always contact them.

From from België on

Use this shampoo and conditioner for several years (am now 26), and my hair has never looked better! Smells good, economical in use and it works too, just great! The service is of course equally great!

From from Rotterdam on

It struck me that the colleague who I don't see daily had got super healthy hair. On his advice, I ordered the shampoo and now I'm using it. My first impression is positive.

From from Haren,gn on

I feel that the Revita shampoo works because after using it for a year and then two months I did not use it, my hair was thinning.

From from Neerpelt on

I don't use the shampoo and conditioner that long, but both Revita products smell very pleasant and cool your scalp after washing, which is very pleasant. You feel that it works.

From from Nederland on

I have been using the product for two weeks. Until now, a nice shampoo, just too early to tell whether it works against hair loss and whether the lost hair grows back.

From from Den Haag on

I use Revita for a year now almost every day but do not see any real results, it is still the same: stable the shampoo feels good but my hair is believed tangles, I do not know if I go ahead with it

From from Amersfoort on

After three days I saw all the difference, my hair was much thicker. Now, after six months much more hair growth. The piece on top of my head which was very thin and where my scalp was visible, has grown thick very beautifully now. The new hairs are now 5 to 6 centimeters. This was also seen by my hairdresser, who was enormously surprised. I wash my hair first with "normal" shampoo and then with Revita. I leave it for at least 3 minutes and I wash my hair at least five times a week. I use the 500ml bottle and it is not nearly empty after half a year, so the price is very decent after all. The dosage I use is about the size of a 5 cents coin. So very pleased and I recommend it.

From from Nederland on

I have been using the product for a few days. I feel my hair starting to become thicker. The shampoo and conditioner have a very special fragrance. No side effects or whatever. I will use it for the time being. I hope for a great result! :)

From from Twente on

Fast delivery. I will soon order the conditioner there. During the hair feels so good during the 'procedure' and after using it, my hair is smooth. This Revita shampoo is a medicine for her because there are so many natural ingredients in it. I look forward to my hair growing better but I am already noticing a difference!

From from Nederland on

I ordered the revita.lt shampoo twice and one bottle last more than 3 months for me. (long hair and washing three times per week max). The shampoo is über-efficient and makes your hair clean. I have no itchy scalp anymore and have significantly increased hair growth. Baby hairs come up everywhere now!! (I had hair loss by stress hormones and anesthesia) Only downside is that the shampoo can make my hair dry and stiff sometimes but a good conditioner will fix this! This is now my regular shampoo and I do not want anything else anymore. delivery is also fast, shampoo became only 3 euros more expensive, since February but well ... so economical !!!

From from Utrecht on

I am 27 years old and I started to get on my forehead and on top of my hair was getting thinner inlets so that you could see through it. I use now for almost a year Revita shampoo and Revita.COR conditioner. After only a week I noticed that I almost lost any hair and my hair began to feel increasingly thicker. Now, after almost a year of use, the inlet on the right side largely grown over with new downy hairs. On the right side and on top, I see no difference but the situation has not gone worse since I am using Revita, so my point is it does actually something! It is a top product at its base, it is also a great shampoo that makes you look healthy hair look thick and again to be felt! If you want to use the product to grow her back on like bald spots, do not expect any miracles, but in my opinion and experience, it can certainly make a small difference.

From from Roosendaal on

Excellent product! I'm 30 years. My hair was thinning and you could see through what I really think a disaster. Have spent quite a few hours on the internet searching around for the best solution. I now use daily Revita shampoo and Revita.COR conditioner in the morning while showering. In the evening I use Spectral DNC -N. According to the manual, you should use Spectral DNC -N in the morning too. But that is hard to do if you still have some hair, because the lotion is going to stick and making your hair look bad with wax. All in all, I am now 4 months in, and the result is really visible. After 1.5 month it already looked was better than before I started.

From from Rotterdam on

Good communication regarding the delivery and the delivery was as promised. I have the products since a week ; now 5 days in use (wash everyday, conditioner and lotion 2x). So I can not yet really talk about results in growth. But my scalp actually feels better since the first wash, the products smell good and my hair seems to have gotten instantly more body. Also I experienced no allergic reactions so far, although I have a very sensitive skin (as soon as I come into contact with specific preservatives, that many shampoos contain, I get itchy skin, eczema and redness). Partly realizing that this might seem unlikely, I now no longer see the usual strands of hair floating in the direction of the drain while washing and there's just a minimal amount of hair in my brush after usage, while I would normally seem to lose half a wig every day... No, I don't get any bonus for promoting of these products ;-), but I just want to say I'm already very happy.

From from Amsterdam on

Super fast service. I ordered Revita shampoo. I've been using this shampoo for about a year now. The hair loss was stopped after 2 times of usage. The hairs are growing again. Bald patches with a surface 2 cm have grown back. Here and there are still some thin spots but patience is a virtue. I paint the hair less and I do not swim so often anymore. Furthermore, this is good and clear website with high quality and not too many products so it stays organized.

From from Amsterdam on

I have been using Revita shampoo to prevent the thinning of my hair. I use it 6 months (one bottle per month with daily use), but experience no real difference with a regular shampoo ; the loss of hair just continues and it is not thicker or something. The shampoo is pleasant to use : the right fluidity, nice color and a delicate, slightly pungent odor.

From from Nederland on

very happy with the Revita products

From from Heemskerk on

Ordered Revite Shampoo & Conditioner for the third time. So far I am very satisfied with the result. My hair is in a much better condition, besides dandruff and itching are gone, and my hair thicker.

From from Amsterdam on

I use Revita Shampoo & Conditioner in combination with Rogaine Foam. Beyond that Revita shampoo is just a nice shampoo to use, my hair loss has decreased. Especially after purchasing the conditioner it seemed to improve in steps. I now use it six months and see progress since 3 months.

From from Nederland on

Second time I ordered the Revita shampoo. I had really bad hair (concluded for myself that it were my hormones) I also got a slight irritated scalp, terrible itching and dandruff. Really was desperate and had a lot of (home)remedies tried. I use the shampoo every day and noticed after a good week that the itching and dandruff began to disappear. After nearly two months the shampoo and I see small hairs grow back about a half cm. I am very satisfied and happily with my new bottle of revita shampoo.

From from Amsterdam on

Very clear site with good information about the products. Excellent communication. Delivery takes 2 days, I could count on them. Because I suffered from hair loss and thinning hair, I (woman, 65 y) use Revita shampoo and conditioner and in addition the lotion Spectral DNC-N since 8 months. I have long straight hair. Hair loss stopped completely after 6 weeks of use, apart from the normal daily hair loss. Because of the lotion my hairline on the forehead grew back. In addition, the hair got thicker and stronger. Now I use the lotion Spectral CSF. This lotion I find more comfortable to use, lighter regards the composition and neutral color making my gray locks retain their beautiful color. Until now, the result is excellent and I am very satisfied with the products. The shampoo is economical in usage. And a bottle of lotion is sufficient for a month. Over time, the hair has become routine, but took the wash at the beginning and some practice time. Daily washing and 2x per day using the lotion has resulted in a beautiful head of hair. At this time I was her every day and her lotion I use 1x per day. Good products I can recommend and also a great service to the Hair Growth Specialist.

From from Naaldwijk on

I am Happy with the shampoo and conditioner do not dare yet to say whether it helps (now using the 5weken).

From from Rotterdam on

At first it felt quite aggressive, it seemed just to be getting worse (which is also in the description) and I sometimes skipped one day because my skin seemed a bit sensitive. After two months now I use it almost every day. First a cheap shampoo to wash away all the dirt and grease from your hair, rinse, and then a small drop in the amount of a 10 cent coin, massage on the areas where there's a lot of hair loss. After a few weeks I noticed that gradually hair started to grow back and now after two months my hair feels a lot firmer and fuller . It looks like it too. I suspect that it has a long term effect, which can be related to regrow hair. A minimal effect can be measured as I've been using it for only two months. My hair loss has almost stopped. I've only experienced hair loss for a few years, so I do not know how the effect is for someone who has been walking around for decades with a receding hairline. For some people losing hair will simply go slower than for others and maybe the same goes for the regrowth of hair. I do not expect that everything grows back, but as long as I use this shampoo it will not get worse. I suffer from stress/depression, which increased the momentum for my hair loss in the last two years. This is also due to poor diet and lack of movement. I'm working on all this area's and so I'm not putting all my trust only on just a shampoo. There are more factors that result in loss of work, where a shampoo purely tackles the symptoms. But it does work indeed. I will try to post another assesment in half a years. I also have another personal experience: I notice that in places where my hair loss occurs, my scalp is also less sensitive. I wonder if more people experienced this? (by the way, this isn't a result of the shampoo)

From from Eindhoven on

I am very pleased with the Revita shampoo. Since I use this shampoo, I no longer suffer from hair loss. Small doses at a time is also sufficient, so a bottle lasts long. Not to be missed!

From from Amsterdam on

Smells good, works as desired, I expect no miracles but a decrease.

From from Enschede on

Excellent package with shampoo and conditioner . It works great and pleasant. Fast service .

From from Schiedam on

The best shampoo EVER ! Smells delicious , economical in use . I was always there for her with a cheaper shampoo before I use Revita , I let the Revita also withdraw more than what is mentioned on the bottle . Cool feeling on the scalp is applied after rinsing just feel that the shampoo has done its job ... really nice ! Tip from me, if you do nothing more from the bottle gets pinched or cut ... cut the bottle in half, you will be surprised how many there are occupants in the side of the bottle ... then you have some time ahead. Hair Specialist you have a top range of functioning items for hair loss and regrowth ... hope my favorite product Spectral DNC -L quickly to you simply.

From on

Good stuff, it feels a lot firmer. Also rose is in me disappeared by the use of the shampoo . Leave a tingling sensation on your scalp back, nice and fresh.

From from Nijmegen on

Very satisfied with this product. I have less hair loss and it is also very pleasant to use .

From from Rotterdam on

Revita is really a super shampoo. Smells good and my hair is very soft yet firm of . The liter bottle do you an eternity so the costs are bad. I can highly recommend it .

From from Rijssen on

I use Revita shampoo for a while and must say that I really like it. The shampoo smells good and my scalp feels after use properly. The hair already seems to feel thicker .

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