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Abyssian Haircare

Abyssian Haircare is an Israeli manufacturer with a main focus on products with Abyssinian oil for dry and damaged hair. Together with research laboratories worldwide they continuously work to keep the products as pure and natural as possible. From drawing board to finished product, sustainability has their main focus.

The powerful Abyssinian seed extract has been used for centuries by the local people in Africa and the most essential parts of this seed (Omega-6, Omega-9, Erucic Acid and Vitamin E) are incorporated in the Dry and Damaged Range. The Erucic acid in Abyssinian oil is a high 60% which ensures a faster absorption, silky texture, elasticity and a beautiful shine without making the hair feel greasy.

The Dry and Damaged Range from Abyssian Haircare consists of various shampoos, conditioners and hair serums, enriched with the unique Abyssinian oil. Research has shown that Abyssinian oil, compared to Argan oil, provides better manageable hair and reduces hair breakage up to 93%!