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Abyssian Haircare

Abyssian Haircare is a French manufacturer that focuses entirely on products with Abyssinian oil for dry and damaged hair. Sustainability is central from seed to end product. Abyssian products are 99% plant-based, vegan (except for the silk milk, which is vegetarian) and all bottles are made from recyclable glass or aluminum and the pumps are made from recycled plastic. Nor is it tested on animals.

The powerful Abyssinian seed extract has been used by the local population in Africa for centuries and the most essential parts of this seed (Omega-6, Omega-9, Erucic acid and Vitamin E) are processed in the various product lines. There is 60% Erucic Acid in Abyssinian Oil which ensures faster absorption, silky texture, elasticity and a beautiful shine without a feeling of greasiness.

The Abyssian products not only add shine to the hair to make it look healthier, but make the hair really healthier by using high-quality ingredients. They help to improve the quality, texture, shine, hydration and appearance of your hair from within.

All products are paraben-free and contain no sulfates or phthalates. Except for the silk milk and superfood recovery shampoo, they are all vegan and gluten-free.